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Tennis Elbow? Tendonitis? Help Diagnosing


Okay so I got this injury many many months ago, maybe like 7. From Chad Waterbury's 100 pullup, 50 pull up program which also screwed up some collarbone tendon anyways,

I was doing the pushup part of it when my triceps and elbow start spasming and then it felt like something snapped in my elbow. Nothing actually snapped my arm could move fine it just felt like inflammed and stuff. It's on at the very top of my elbow on the back of my arm on more towards the side closer to my body and it just starts getting inflammed whenever i work out that muscle or bench press.

It affects performance a lot and I've tried RICE icyhot rest. Is it tennis elbow? and should i get one of those band things you put on your arm? a brace? my parents probably wont be happy about sending me to the doctors since ive run up a laundry bill of injuries and they dont even want me lifting. help thanks!


How old are you? Tell your parents to bring you to a physical therapist. No, it's not tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a repetitive use injury to the wrist extensors and has nothing to do with triceps. People can't diagnose things in a forum all the time. You need real physical tests and measures. If you are too afraid to tell your parents, stop lifting until you are pain free. Then wait 2 more weeks.


That could be medial epicondylitis (tendonitis), also known as golfer's elbow. I have it right now. Ice it 4+ times a day and take an anti-inflammatory. Is this where it is? Does it hurt when you grip things?


stack anti inflammatory drugs. Most work On COX like advil. But you can take Boswellia and Omega 3s on top of it because they don't work on COX. Personally I find that light self massage helps as well.

rest. You can't will yourself through these kind of injuries.


I fail to see how it could be medial epicondylitis. That's an overuse injury to the wrist flexors.


I agree with rest. I don't agree with telling some kid who is afraid of his parents to stack anti-inflammatory drugs. That's just a disaster waiting to happen.


I'm 17 yeah, my parents know about it but don't really feel like getting it looked at because I've had enough injuries. I've rested this for months. I think it's medial epicondylitis, i read about that somewhere on this site a while back. I play lacrosse so yeah. I've bought a UA compression sleeve which has helped a lot, icy hot, ice, etc. getting better


Where on your elbow is the pain? Thumb side or pinky side? What position in LAX do you play? Short stick or long stick? Is the elbow that you are having the issues with normally the top or bottom hand on your stick when passing/shooting?