Tennis Elbow Rehab/Prehab

Hello everyone,

I first got tennis elbow (elbow tendonitis of the outer elbow) around 5 years ago when I was training, and it’s been something that holds me back from really pushing hard ever since. I no longer train to failure because I feel like each time I train to complete muscle failure on upper body lifts that it flares the elbows up. Also if I up the weight too soon, add more volume, do certain exercises that puts the elbow at an odd angle, etc. like it will also flare it up.

With that being said, I was wondering if any of you folks that are more knowledgeable with elbow issues, or who have had this injury could maybe give me some rehab/prehab advice? I try and hit the forearm extensors everyday with a foam roller, as well as my bi’s and tri’s and generally my lats also.
I didn’t know if I should be doing reverse wrist curls (palms down) in my training or if that would just increase the chances of getting it again?

Like I said above, I was just looking for tips and pointers from people with experience in the elbow injuries department. Thanks!