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Tennis Elbow. Increase Test for Recovery?


I was carrying 80lb boxes of laminate and other supplies, from my truck to downstairs, all weekend long. Physiotherapist says it will take 2 months to heal. I told him I’m on 120mg of test a week; will it shorten the recovery time, should I do a blast? He answered no. What say you? Quicker recovery than expected? Hurts like hell just grabbing my monster cup of coffee. LOL Sad!

EDIT My GP set up a cortisone shot in 2 months if it doesn’t heal. Not too sure about doing that…


You on any AI?

Get a flexbar.


I have never heard of guys cycling to speed up healing.
I would look into the peptide BPC-157 It worked wonders for me from too many hammer curls.


No AI, not ever. I pin 17mg a day, SubQ, because of 14 SHBG. (31G, 15/64" insulin BD syringe)
Cyp and that’s it.


I had terrible tennis and golfers elbow, and it flared up worse when my e2 lowered.

I fixed it with a flexbar.


Don’t do this. Steroid shots eventually weaken tendons.


Personally wouldn’t worry about that. It’s safe to have multiple shots a year. I’ve had many many and never an issue and with a few injuries it’s the only thing that has ever helped. Look into shock wave therapy for tennis elbow. Has worked well for my year long issue.


This is something I thought about when my G/T elbows were getting out of hand. I may check it out still if I continue to have pain breakthroughs. The flexbar really helped.


My latest experience with tennis elbow has been one of the most stubborn injuries of my life. 3 cortisone injections only the first provided relief. I was skeptics about shockwave, seemed like a bit of a gimmick but I have to say it’s been pretty effective. Does a great job of breaking up the scar tissue adhesions I think. Give it a go if you can.


I have had surgery on both elbows due to tennis elbow. It’s definitely not something you want to push through. The flex bar is great. I still get tennis elbow often from pulls ups and I have found pt exercises and ice directly afterward to be the most effective.


Shit! Did you try shockwave? Man, didn’t know it could get to surgery… what do they even do? I thought it was just inflammation that had to reduce.

Physio at 1pm today, will ask about shockwave. I only have $400 coverage for physio but whatever it takes, 3 scoops!


Typically, the surgeon removes the damaged/inflamed tendon, either cutting it or by scraping/debriding it. It is then tacked down to the bone. Sometimes, debridement of the bone is performed to promote increased blood flow.

It can be done either arthroscopically or by open incision.


Okay, the physiotherapist spent an hour doing various deep tissue massage on upper chest, back, neck, shoulders, and forearm. He also did some cupping of those areas and hooked me up to some electrical stimulation machine. I’m doing the shockwave thing on Friday and repeating all that next week. Twice a week and we’ll see how far $400 gets me. LOL Oh yeah, I bought a flexbar.

Here’s to hoping my high Free T and dedication to physio makes me quickly recover and avoid surgery…


I had some really stubborn golfers elbow (insultingly named), that I ultimately cured by dislocating my shoulder. I’d recommend other routes though, what seemed to make the most difference for me was the flex-bar, sleeping with a carpal tunnel brace, voodoo flossing, and wearing one of those straps that kind of shifts the tendon pull point slightly (all applies to tennis elbow too, just the other side).


Physio gave me heavy eccentrics and isometrics for tennis elbow and it healed up. Similar to the flex bar but I used a weight strapped to a handle or a kettle bell. With the handle I’d sit down and place my fore arm along my thigh so my hand was past my knee with the handle vertical in my hand. I’d let the weight drop slowly towards my other leg and resist it. THEN USE MY OTHER HAND to lift it back to vertical no concentric.


A couple of other points. My physio recommended finding the things that may hurt now but feel much better the next day. Rather than what exercises feel good now and hurt the next day.

Super Heavy isometrics with the other hand supporting the weight to adjust load also worked.

Happen to be using slow eccentric lowering off a chin up to help with golfers elbow at the moment.


I did try shockwave with no luck. Acupuncture helped a little. Prolotheropy was bogus. I had a procedure called FAST or Tenex. They basically cut away scar tissue in the tendon and grind down the bone directly under the tendon to promote blood flow and healing as well as give the tendon as more smooth surface to wear against. I still have problems out of my left arm. I wear tennis elbow straps on both arms every workout.