Tennis Elbow? Elbow Injury

Hi All,

I’ve had this nagging injury for a while and i was wondering if there’s anything that can be done to heal faster apart from rest and not using it. I mean i can’t really do anything too strenuous right now with it anyway. I believe the injury happened b/c i have been doing pull ups and chin ups of late.

I’ve read the posts and what i appear to have is closest to tennis elbow. I don’t have inflamations, nor does it throb or hurt if i am not using it. There’s certainly weakness in the joint, and whenever i do use it, doing any elbow bending exercises (pullups, push ups, curls), i get a “creaking noise” in my joint area. Almost sounds like cartilage rubbing up on bone or something to that extent. My right arm tends to be in a better condition overall… and it has improved over time. My left arm, on the other hand sometimes will even lock, and will not let me full extend!

When i rotate my left arm in a certain angle then it will allow be to extend it, and somewhere in between, i can “pop” it in, and it will actually make a popping noise, like the joint has difficulty getting fit just right. My right arm does not have this problem.

Any ideas, guys? Has anyone had something similar? I was thinking about seeing a ortho, but i have a feeling all he will tell me is to rest it for weeks, but i have no confidence it will improve. But i feel if i knew what it exactly is, i can work toward healing it faster.


I was going to say reverse wrist curls and negative bicep curls (using the other hand to get the weight up).

But the ‘weakness’ aspect suggests that there is something more fundamental than just a tendon injury/inflammation (which is what tennis elbow is).

So I’d go see an orthopedic surgeon and get some physiotherapy.

[quote]Pansee Sauvage wrote:
So I’d go see an orthopedic surgeon and get some physiotherapy.[/quote]

Wont work. Find an Active Release Therapist in your area.
I had a nagging elbow injury…on the inside of the elbow, hence, a so-called “golfer’s elbow”. Tried everything. Only Active Release Therapy worked. Google it. The ART site has a listing of therapists by region.

Good luck.

Oh yeah. Do a search on Active Release Therapy here at T-Nation. There have been a couple of articles on it.