Tennis Ball Pull-Ups...

Fellow T-mutants ,

One of the best part of working out at home (other than you control the music and no one gets in your way) is that you can get creative with your equiptment.  I've come up with a cheap and great way to work you grip and pack the beef on your back - Tennis Ball Pull-ups.  This will cost you less than $12 and it is worth every penny.
This is what you're going to need: Two 2ft pieces of rope (get rope rated for at least 300lbs), two 3/8" steel washers, duck tape, steel shot (bee bees work fine), two tennis balls, and two hooks (rated for at least 150lbs each).
Let's get started.  One hole in the top of the tennis ball and one at the bottom of the ball.  Make one hole as small as you can to get the rope through.  The other one can be as big as you like.  Pass one of the pieces of rope through the tennis ball.  You will probably need pliers to pull the rope through.  Feed one of the washers through the rope up to the tennis ball and tie a knot in the rope 

Here’s the first pic

Next push the tennis ball down so it is flush to the washer. Using the duct tape cover the bottom of the tennis ball (this will prevent the steal shot from leaking out). Now you need to fill the tennis ball with as much steel shot as you can. If you have a small funnel this step will go a lot faster (see picture below).

You?re almost done. Wrap the rest of the tennis ball with duct tape so seal in all the steal shot. Tie a figure 8 knot on the other end of the rope and you?re almost done (See picture below).

I workout in my basement to I screwed the hooks into the ceiling beams. Now just slip the figure 8 loops over the hooks, grab on and pull up!!!

Interesting contribution bro. Nice pictures too. Not too sure I’ll try it (at least not right this minute), but nonetheless thanks.