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Tennis Anyone?

I am training a friend for tennis, played a little as a kid but not much more. Any specific exercises I should use or things I should consider, thanks RR

are you talking about gym training?? or actual court excercises?

Im talking about off court training, i wouldnt have any idea how to train tennis skills, just trying to create a program for him.

The first thing is to diagnose weaknesses. Does your client have a weak forehand? Backhand? Bad lateral movement? Bad foreward back movement?

Then find out why. . .

Without knowing that there are some things that can help in general. . .

Line touches for lateral movement. However you want to ensure that the touch ends with either the racquet hand of even better the racquet itself.

Spend some time on footwork, the correct way to step (I know this is more of a technical thing but it will make a bigger difference than many of the physical things).

Spend time on the cables doing one arm cross overs and one arm angled abduction. (start with the cable at the opposite hip, keep the arm straigt and extend it across the body and up. The aarm should finish 180 degrees from where it starts).

Also look into some lunges, but different types of lunges such as plie, diagonal etc.

That’s kind of a starting point, there are quite a few other things you can do (weighted pronation supination for eg) but again without knowing specifics . . .