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Tenet steps down!

He has resigned. He’ll be gone in mid-July.

“Slam dunk!”

Hmm, read an article on it, but it says for “personal reasons”. The article does mention that he had said finding WMD would be a “slam dunk” at one point.

Is this an example of someone taking responsibility and resigning because of screw-ups made during his reign?

This democrat is probably resigning because of the heat the stupidcrats put on during the 911 hearing debacle.

ptr you are a model christian

danh…thou shall not judge…oopps…wait a minute…you don’t believe in Christ or Christianity… how can you say what is or isn’t a model christian? since you don’t believe in it? please explain this apparent incongruency!

At least Tenet wasn’t the one that made the decision to send thousands of soldiers into battleground that resembles hell.

it is about time, we need someone else to try to run our intelligence program.

Just a thought: isn’t always “personal reasons” that cause someone to resign?

Just thought I’d have some fun with that one…

PtrDR: why should he bother, Christians are bred to judge from birth.

“Personal reasons” = about to be made a scapegoat for Bush’s administration. Maybe he shouldn’t have been on vacation all August of '01.

Lucid…thats a stereotype…
i would encourage you to be “openminded” and not judge all christians of being “judgemental”

How is that possible when every Christian is automatically expecting “judgement”?

I was born Christian and went to private school studying the bible. I know what it means and its hardly what is being represented in government today.

Why couldnt it just be for the reasons he has stated? It was said today that he wanted to resign last year but Bush talked him into staying. I very much doubt he will be used as a Scapegoat. As it was said on the many commentaries today, if it was so he could be a scapegoat, it was very ill timed. I still say before it is said and done, the WMD’s will be found. Hopefully it wont be found in the hands of a terrorist.

Wait a minute. Didnt we find shells with sarin gas that Iraq claimed to have gotten rid of? Everything Saddam ever did was evil. Would you be willing to bet your life that Iraq didnt have WMD? I wouldnt.

This isn’t a Christianity thread.

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about why Tenet stepped down. They say it’s for personal reasons, but what are they supposed to say?

–Perhaps he’s demonstrating the responsibility some others should probably take for the screw ups along the way in intelligence and subsequent actions based on such intelligence.
–Perhaps he’s being pushed out by the Admin in an effort to clean some slate. This is an election year, you know.
–Perhaps he’s more interested in playing golf and swimming this summer, and would rather leave all this terrorist stuff to the real troopers–Bush and Rumsy!

Tenet provided information that the current administration used. It was pretty clear that Bush wanted to go to war before the CIA was providing its reasons to do the same. He’s a scapegoat.

Goldberg: regarding the discovery and timing of such a potential discovery of WMDs, have you read/heard my position/question?

That is, considering the certainty with which the American people and Congress was presented with the “proof” of Iraq’s large possession of WMD’s - and the threat it presented - shouldn’t we have found them almost immediately?

ptr… i remember one thread in which you staunchly defended christianity… i just find it interesting that many christians like you do things that dont seem very christianlike… such as calling democrats stupidcrats… is that what jesus taught?

tenet has been taking the blame since day 1. sixteen words. slam dunk.

i guess work stress can be considered a personal reason

They had 12 years to hide them wherever they wanted. give me twelve years to hide something and i bet you wont find it. Saddam’s son was in charge of alluding the weapons inspectors. How could anybody be against going in? I dont understand that at all.

How could anybody be against going in?

I refer you to General Zinni for an answer to that and other no-brainers.

Now, when is Tenet’s tell-all book coming out? Maybe he’ll be the one to spill the beans about Condi & dubya’s steamy weekends exploring her “underground bunker”.