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Tendons Heal Thyselves!


What do you think of this cycle for fixing up my brittle joints? Have problems with my wrists.


Test-e 500 mg/week, e3d, weeks 1-12
Deca 300 mg/week, e7d, weeks 1-10
Adex 0.25 mg, eod, weeks 1-12


Adex 0.25 mg, eod, weeks 12-14


Nolva 40 mg/day, ed, weeks 14-16
Nolva 20 mg/day, ed, weeks 16-18


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Can you elaborate on the terms ‘brittle’ and ‘problems’ please.


Sure thing.

During the day, I have an aching that comes on and off in the bones or the joints, that go from the thumb down to the connecting forearm bone. Mostly it concentrates like a sharp pain in the left part of the right hand wrist. No other pains. Knees are fine, so are shoulders, neck, back and ankles.

So it’s basically just my right hand wrist that hurts and has been hurting for a good two months. It started with heavy benching while on cycle and heavy bent-over and sitting rows. Also it hurts quite good when doing chin-ups. When doing dips it sometimes feels like my bones are bending and then it also hurts in the wrist.

Sometimes when I reach for things and my thumb is in the wrong position it hurts a lot.

Ok so the title should be “cycle to repair my right hand aching wrist”.


i had an incidence once where i had too much to drink and threw a left at my buddy,( i was on cycle by the way) anyways im a righty and i never thrown a lefty so i fucked my wrist up, it was sore for weeks and just when i think its better i make it sore doin dips or even pushups, have loose joints as a family history, i inherited from my moms side. just had arthro shoulder surgery last week and even my right wrist may get sore if i move it the wrong way… alot like what u are talking about

It sounds to me, an educated non-doctor, that you’e just strained some ligament or tendon, which is aggravated every time you use it from the original injury hence.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the best thing you could do is to lay off the lifting or any activity that causes pain - usually in the eight week range.

The cycle looks good for anything but ligament/tendon healing.

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funmetal I know more about joint injuries then I do steroids. It doesn’t sound like they will help your tendons. In addition to what bushi said alternate between icing 20 minutes, and warming with epsome salt in hot water (as hot as you can stand) for 20 minutes, do this 2-3 times a day ending and starting with cold.

Also consider picking up fishoil if you don’t take it. Take 2 grams, 3 times a day, and keep adding more until things feel less “brittle.” Glucosemine sulfate (not HCl) can also help if you have torn something. I also like flax seed oil, but not everyone does.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for all your answers so far.


Ok, ok. Message received. No AAS. I promise. For 3 months :slight_smile:


I don’t like the news about stopping training. Can’t do that. I could stop doing some exercises but not entirely.


Also thanks for the ice/hot/ice massage tip. Greatly appreciated.

I also take glucosamine and fish oil every day.

How about working through the pain with front arm curls?


I also have small wrists from my genetics. But it looks pretty impressive to have big muscles on small wrists, so it’s cool in a way.

I think the exercise that triggered the whole thing is that I was doing close grip bench presses for triceps and each time my wrists were hurting more and more. I was thinking what can’t kill me will make me stronger but I’m now a bit fucked up instead.

Thansk again for all the help,


[quote]funmetal wrote:
I was thinking what can’t kill me will make me stronger but I’m now a bit fucked up instead.

Imagine this, you put your hand in a blender it wont kill you, but you will be alot weaker afterwards. Might want to just take a week off. Its good for general recovery anyway.