tendonitus in hand

I posted a little while ago about a sharp pain in my hand when I deadlift and Bench. I went to the Dr’s and she said it is most likely tendonitus. Has anyone had this in their hand before? Its located near my thumb. Just wondering what others may have done. I can still do pull ups and curling movements so for now not all is lost. Oh and I am on Ibuprofen 600mg 4 times a day. Any sugestions are welcome. Thanks


That sounds exactly like the pain that I get on the very base of both thumbs. It is located down near the bottom close to the wrist.

I noticed that when I started taking MSM the pain was reduced by 80%! I was thrilled as I was thinking, probably as you are, that my lifting is finished!

I would not take so much pain meds. If I were you. I have been reading that certain types can adversely affect the liver.

I know their negative effects on liver function but am only staying on them for 1 or two weeks to try to reduce swelling. Anyone know of any other medications that would work, such as topical solutions. Thanks

Try Wobenzym and ice your injury. Get some paper dixie cups freeze water in them and then ice massage on your direct skin the area until the cup is gone. I also agree to get off the meds asap.