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Whenever, i workout my triceps and recently with pressing movements, i get a sharp pain in my elbows. i took some time off from lifting weights to see if it made a difference and it didn’t. Does anyone know how i caused this injury and how to fix it?

Chris, sometimes ‘good’ form isn’t always the best thing. for instance - Skull crushers and variants of the such absolutely KILL my elbows if I do them with my elbows ‘in’ as is common. I let my elbows flare out to the point where it doesn’t hurt - a lot of it could have to do with your hand position as well - I find it easier to have my hands facing each other for most tricep work, in terms of the elbow joint.

Do you train your triceps doing lying down extensions and is the pain in your “outer” elbow tendon??

Try training your triceps with close-grip presses and JM presses for few weeks and apply ice after your wo. This should help with the pain in your elbow.

I had the same problem for a long time, always had to warm up a lot. R U takin enough omega-3’s?, glucosamine(sp) is also good but I think it screws with your insulin sensitivity (do a search on the forum). Recently it just went away, may be cuz I took some glucosamine to help with with another problem. I also recall reading somewhere that garlic applied to the area is also supose to help, but dont know how true that is. peace

You could do a search and find one of the many, many threads that have already been written on this topic…

Just a thought.

Someone wrote an article on using slow eccentrics to fix tendonitis. I think it was Chad Waterbury

Nope. It was Peter Blanchonette.