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Guys, I have recently developed a nagging case of tendonitis in my right Achilles tendon. I don’t have any ART specialists within the immediate 100 miles or I would be at their offices right now. But what can you guys suggest training and nutrition(I’m thinking there has to be something that can of some benefit) wise to solve this problem quickly. Thanks in advance.


Check out the article by Peter Blanchonette in issue 114.

Stretch it slowly, well, and often. Ice it or try contrast baths of alternating hot and cold water. Those are two things my ART doc said to do in conjunction with the treatments.

Try Wobenzym. There are a couple of recent threads on it if you do a search.

Go to the runnersworld.com site they have a bunch of stuff to do for that injury. Very common in runners. However I think the above post says it all.

SteelyEyes, I’m not completely familiar with contrast baths so could you explain them a little to me? I know you alternate hot and cold water but the amount of time I have heard ranges from 30 sec intervals to 5 min intervals. So that is my main question about the baths.

Thanks for the help guys. I am going to look for some wobenzyme or vitalenzyme(sp?). Thanks again.

You can try changing shoes also. Buying new shoes has helped me with an ankle problem in the past.