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Tendonitis Timeframe?

How long does it take for tendonitis to go away?

I’ve had it for like 2 weeks and its keeping me from running. Sorry if this is a stupid thread I’m just new to all this so I don’t know anything.

i got it last year in my knee during track season, never fully went away until after the season was over and i could take a few weeks off. i’d say just be smart about training, try doing your longer distance work on a bike or a crosstrainer, and make sure you take care of it with plenty of ice. i was lucky enough to have access to my college’s training staff so they hooked me up to a stim machine a few times a week which also helped. best of luck.

It depends. Where do you have it?
If this is your first time having it, it might take a month, two months… just take care of it though, like nj said, ice it, if your muscles are tight stretch them, do foam roller work, the whole nine.