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Tendonitis Recovery?

Hi!Guys. Ihav been nursing a Biceps Tendonitis For about six months had consulted a Sports Doc and was put on acupunture and some physio along with some drugs for tissue repair for a few days.i was on pAccupuncture for 8 days and on physio for about 10 days.Threr seemed to be some relief and was askd to go about increasing weights gradually.

It has been about a month since coming off treatment and i still hav to ice my bi’s and masage it after arms training and even more after back Workouts.

Is there any gear that would help me get back to shape and also repair tissue at the same time.PL let me kno asap.I am confused on how o go about my workouts as i hav lost size on my bi’s aqs i am not sure about lifting the same weights i usd to.

I have no suggestion for gear. My suggestion is to add in some negative pushdowns and curls. There may be an article on this site regarding this…also, elbow sleeves may help.

thanks for that advice bro!But i don’t find elbow sleeves comfortable rather i don’t feel no pump while i wear them.I s there anything i could do to speed up recovery.

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