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Tendonitis Question

i was wondering if anyone on here new anything about achileases tendonitis and if there was any way to cure it? also is there anything you can do to actualy make your tendons and ligaments bigger,thicker and stronger so that they will be less likley to get injured thanks.

Yes. Eccentric training seems to cure it.

I had chronic tendonitis in my brachioradialis. I couldn’t train biceps directly, or do certain back movements. I took a full month off, and even after coming back, couldnt do do bi’s or chins for about a year.

Went through Physical Therapy, and although I’d feel good after, I would do one set of chins and be in horrible pain. Believe it or not, this is what made me try Biotest’s Flameout product. I figured if it was indeed a means of regulating inflammation, I’d risk $25 for a one month supply.

Now, 2 months later, I feel great, am training biceps again, and my back workouts are much better (I still cant do overhand pullups, but underhand or close grips work fine). Actually turned several other injured ‘olders’ lifters at my gym onto the stuff as well -lol


2 Weeks off of sprinting running with Ice.
Second week off, light calf stretch and light achilles stretch

after 2 weeks real Light weight toe raises feet in feet middle feet out. Pick up clothes with your feet.
Seated Toe Raises
Eccentric Calf raises.
4 weeks in 30 second jump rope, build up.

Taking weeks off can be tough for those that like to workout. If you can’t massage the area for 10 minutes ice the area 15 as much as you can the first 2 weeks, and at least have 2 days recovery between any running sessions.

Yeah, what Stu said about fish oils is spot on. The difference is unbelievable, and I’ve only been using the GNC ones. Once I get the money, Flameout is right at the top of the shit to buy list.

Fish oil, yup. Also, try foam rolling your calves - even better, a lacrosse ball.

How much Fish Oil did you guys take a day?

Thanks for all the replies guys im going to try the Flameout along with some rest and some eccentric training in my calves like you all said. i hope it works thanks.

[quote]ghost87 wrote:
How much Fish Oil did you guys take a day? [/quote]

I follow CP’s advice and mega-dose. 6 pills with each meal, so 36 a day. Really only took a couple of days to notice a difference.

I take 4 Flameout spread through out the day, and typically throw in another 3-4 of Vitamin World Brand Softgels with each meal, so I guess I’m taking anywhere from 15-25 a day. I have noticed I’m tightening up a bit too. Replacing my sugars and non-vegetable carb sources with the extra fat is a great idea.


Glucosamine/Condroiton ,along with fishoil , may also help .

after about 3 weeks of icing/heat and minimal progress(elbow) I started with the glucosamine/condroiton ; began to feel better within a week . just recently added fish-oil to that ; about 85% better . still gotta take it easy with certain movements …but at least I can do them

I have gone thru the achillis tendonitis. I had it bad enough to where it was very hard to just walk. I did phys. therapy for 4 weeks and took some naproxin and glucosamine w/msm. Plus, the biggest thing for me to do to keep the pain away and to keep it from reoccuring was to keep my calves stretched.

I worked on it for 5 minutes at a time and several time thru the day. I still do it to this day to keep it from coming back. Hope this helps some.

Try acupuncture.
Worked for me with my rotator cuff, nothing else did, and I mean nothing…

If a bit squeamish about the needles do what I do and don’t look…


Just to play devils advocate, my tendonitis never got better and i managed to chip some bone in the elbow which 2 years of cortisone, therapy, art and every other alternative never got better until surgery. If it doesn’t get better in a few months I would recommend X-rays or MRI just to be sure. The MRI would have saved me a lot of time.

By the way, for those of you with achilles tendonitis or without, stay away from sprints on concrete or asphalt. Sprint on grass or a surface that has give.

Can anyone explain how eccentric training helps tendonitis? I’ve read the article on here that points out the phenomenon but I’d like to know how it works.