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tendonitis question

I am wondering if maybe i was misdiagnosed. Does anyone hear who has elbow, tricep or bicep tendonitis had sharp pains in their elbow joint? thanks

Hey, there, jeppuda.

I’ve been diagnosed with bicipital tendonitis (at the top of the humerus) and lateral epicondylitis (Tennis ELbow). I’m going for ART next week to correct both.

In the acute/flare-up stage, the pain was quite sharp in my elbow. It’s settled down a bit because I’ve made a concerted effort not to do any exercises that seem to aggravate it.

The thing I found to be most helpful was taking an ice cube and applying it directly to my elbow…that and rest; i.e., discontinuing anything that aggravates it.

If you haven’t read about Active Release Technique, ART, do a search of T-Mag. Properly done, it really is the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Thanks, I have had ART done 5 or 6 times already. I think it helped but I need something that will make my elbow 100%. I ordered Wobenzyme and am going to try eccentric training.

Whatever you do, make sure a) you do it soon, and b)you do it enough! (i.e. make sure it has time to work and work completely.
I say this because I have had tennis elbow & golfers elbow & what I believe was tendinitis of the lower bicep tendon (but may have been one of the other elbow flexors).
The last has given most problems over the years (in both elbows on seperate occaisions). It was also the last that prevented any type of curl or chin/pull ups. I had to lay off both curls and chin/pull ups for about 18 months (first lay off wasn’t long enough to “cure”- I was just impatient and started back on these moves when I felt 85-90% better).
I also believe the (generally) low fat diet I followed didn’t help. There were far too few good fats in my diet at the time.
Now fish oils are a must! The other thing to do is go back to exercises that were problematic, slowly and make the effort to keep enthusiasm in check.
For me this meant, after the 18month off curls, starting DB Hammer Curls using 5kg (yes 11lb!) dDBs for one set of 15. (This was ego bashing for sure- 17.5inch arms and curling 11pounders!)
over several weeks I added another set until doing 3 sets twice per week.
This was to feel out the movement and to increase blood flow. I keep the DB hammer curls in the routine as a warm up for EZ curls or similar.
You can overcome the problem, check your diet (anti-inflamatory good fats needed) and use thoughtful exercise choice dominate the ego.

Old Dax

I got lateral epicondylitis. for over 2.5 years now. I n both arms. Heavy forearm curl negatives work well. Used to have strong pain.

There is no pain for me oon the elbow joint. Only on the muscle in the forearm that’s facing forward when your palm is facing behind you. Used to have pain in the lower bicep too, but I’ve massaged the fuck outta both arms, and done the negatives.

You want to not spend money on treatment, if you have a hottub, you can place the pained part of your arm right in front of the jet. Didin’yt fix me perfect, but I doubt anything fixes injuries perfect.