Tendonitis in Right Wrist

Am a rower and the tendonitis has been brought on by a technical fault with my rowing, but the tendonitis means that I can’t fix the technique. ROM of my hand has been depleted (when I have my elbows at my side and my hands raised I can hold my left hand parrallel to the floor but my right at kind of a 20 degree angle to it if you get me??). The pain has flared up slightly tonight after training this morning.

Pain doesn’t come after weights or rowing machine sessions, but am wondering if I am to rest it should I leave out these aswell.

Wondering if I should stop water training, all training that involves using right hand, or if it enough just to strap/tape it for sessions. Wondering if anyone else had a similar injury and how long it took to heal if you took time off training.

All advice welcome

don’t know.
have you tried searching for muscle knots in your forearms?

i once thought i was developing tendonitis in my elbow and found it went away once i rolled out the knots in my triceps. i know rolling out muscle knots isn’t a solution for tendonitis - but i wonder if sometimes people mistake muscle knots for tendonitis…

might be worth a try anyway. golf ball might be helpful.

maybe it is because a knot in the muscle belly puts the muscle on stretch… which strains the tendon. then relaxing the muscle belly sort of functions to elongate the muscle which takes the stress off the tendon. dunno.

That is how I feel about my left arm. I sometimes get pain in the elbow, sometimes in the wrist, sometimes in the shoulder. Of couerse they are all connected and my massaging the muscles along the arm, the feeling of tendonitis magically goes away after a few days. Certainly something that can help everybody whether they are in pain or not to improve flexibility at the very least.