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Tendonitis in Left Elbow


Apparently i have tendonitis in my left elbow, the problem its causing is that i cant't do barbell curls, chin-ups, hang clean.

But i can do reverse barbell rows.

Any other suggestions to replace any of the above ?

Not sure i am posting in the right place, but nevermind!!


stop doing barbell curls, unless you got at least 25's on each side of course :slight_smile:

you need soft tissue work.

go to a masseuse and ask her (or him) to work on the sides of the elbow, in the ditches (the soft parts behind your elbow, or rather behind your funny bone) , and the arm itself. (elbow, up half way on the arm )
fyi, this should be rather unbearable at times, and possibly the worst massage you'll ever get, but work through it.

im guessing a doctor suggested you have 'tendonitis' and should lay off lifting and take drugs. he might possibly want to get some mri's to check for tendon damage.

the massage might get you sore for a bit, but it should restore itself. supplement with plenty of high quality fish oil and rest it.

if it still sucks after a week, then i guess the doctors gonna get paid.


Cheers for this, good advice!!!
I have had to go down to 25s, i look so cool now.

I have booked in for the massage, and have been using a better quality fish oil, hopefully that will do the trick cheers.


Most people that have elbow issues, aside from just using brutally heavy weight, had shoulder issues first, which will place more stress on the elbow. Ive seen this with several people.