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Tendonitis, I Think


does anyone know anything about this,its botherd me for about two months,i can only assume its tendonitus,from what people have said,the pain from doing a barbell curl is excruciating.

people have said to use an ez bar,but still had the same problem with both wrist,i was wondering if anyone has had this problem and will it eventually heal,cus it doesnt seem like it will,its a frustrating time i belive arms wont grow without heavy curls,if anyone could help it wound be appreacaited


What side of the elbow is it on?

You need to rest. If you rest for two weeks and the pain is slowly going it is tendonitis. Rest for another two weeks then you will be fine.

If you continue to train or if the pain doesn't start to go after two weeks you have tendonosis.

This requires eccentric only exercises, exercise modification and heat for about 6-7 weeks for someone who has had it for 2 months.


Hi there. The above is pretty good advise. Generally speaking Tendonitis is the inflammatory period following an acute tendon injury. A good way to tell if something is inflammed is if there is a build up of fluid, and excessive heat generated in the injured area.

Seeing as you've had this for about two months, and you claim it is agrivated by Bicep Curls only, then I would assume that this is Tendonosis of either one or both Bicep tendon insertions (into the Ulna and Radius respectively). Obviously take a break from curls, and anything else that agrivates the injury. Don't however completely stop working out. Keep training, as increased metabolism/recovery rates/internal heat/etc, etc, will aid in the healing process.

Like the guy above said, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that eccentric training can potenially promote tendon repair. It's known to be effective even in the elderly. Obviously it shouldn't hurt. For rehab purposes you shouldn't be going heavy, and it shouldn't cause major discomfort.

Good luck man, keep us updated.


cheers thrasher,ive rested now for a week,i tried training and i felt a slight pain coming back,so i guess ill have to adjust my training,i cnt rest for a month thats too long,have you had this before


vexen what is the thing with eccentric training? Are you talking just lowering a light weight? what specifically are you recommending? and the purpose is to what strength the bicep tendon?


Mind if I ask where exactly the pain is? OP didn't say elbow, in fact mentioned wrist at one point. But people are giving advice on rehab when we don't even know what the affected area is. And heat for an inflammatory problem? lol. OP, where is the problem area?


lol. OP, Where is the pain?


Jimmy, that is assuming that he has an inflammatory problem. It could be tendonosis which isn't inflammatory. Tendonosis is a degeneration of the tendon cell itself as a consequence of repetitive micro-trauma to the tendon.


foam roll your triceps and forearm for good measure. brachioradialus


well the pain runs down the pinky side off my rist on both arms about the middle of the wrist,and when i do heavy curls,then let go i have to let go really slowly as it kills,the pain has subsided since ive been resting,ive also learned it helps when your on the preacher bench that it does not hurt as much if i dont go all the way down,even though i always like to go all the way down for the stretch,

i use other exersizes for the stretch now,does any one think if you train your wrist this will help,i think all this started because my arms got to strong for my wrist too qwickly,i dnt have small wrist muscles they are quite big just from years of training but i am small boned,duno if anyone has experienced this and what helps to prevent it, cheers guys


that was my point exactly. assuming he has an inflammatory problem when we don't know. OP hardly gave any info at all about the problem.


If the pain subsides when resting, well you have a solution :slight_smile:

Sounds inflammatory

Fish oil and ice


Does it only hurt when doing heavy preacher curls with an ez bar? Does it hurt when doing straight bar curls or dumbell curls? How old are you? The position your wrist is in puts a lot of stress on your TFCC, especially at the bottom of a preacher curl and especially if your holding on to the bar in partial supination or halfway between neutral and palms up position.

The TFCC is the cartilage between your ulna and proximal wrist bones which is on the medial side of your wrist, or pinky side. My suggestion would be to ice during the day, depending on pain level take NSAID of your choice and then stop doing preacher curls with an ez bar. Just use a dumbell and don't rotate your wrist.

Whatever benefit you feel you get with an ez curl bar and full extension vs dumbells without rotation, will not make that much of a difference in your biceps development, especially if you can't curl due to wrist pain.

Either way, try to give some more info on your issue. It will avoid some of this guessing and misinformation in the replies.