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Tendonitis Help


Hi folks,
I've had a recurring problem with tendonitis in both my forearm (brachialis radialis). In the past, whenever I've had the problem, I took sometime off from directly working the forearms and it seemed to help.

However, this time around, I seemed to have triggered it from accessory movements but using heavy weights.

Other than icing it and resting it, can anyone recommend something that has worked for them? I know some of you may recommend ART but I haven't had good success with ART, in general, in the past. If nothing else works, I might end up going back for ART.




There's an article here about negatives solving tendinitis. I also tried doing low weights high reps in order to feel the burn (I read that lactic acid help in tendon "maintenance"). I don't know for sure if it was tendinitis, but it hurt and this helped.
Hope this helps, Vlad


"Eccentric Exercise: A Solution to Tendonitis?" by Peter Blanchonette. Posted in July of 2000.


"ACSM Wrap-Up, Part I, A Summary of the 2004 New England Conference" by Eric Cressey. Posted in November of 2004. The stuff about tendinitis is halfway down.



Thanks for pointing out that article. It seems to me, using some proteolytic enzyme formulas like Wobenzyme, Bromelain etc. might help in getting rid of the scar tissue.

I also wonder if tendonitis, in general, points to muscular imbalances that should be addressed first.

Any thoughts?