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Tendonitis Heating Technique Causing Tingling

Hey all,

Currently recovering from wrist tendonitis, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, and tricep tendonitis.
I have found this following technique to provide a LOT of relief and increases blood flow by a lot:

“Take two buckets and fill one up with cold water and the other with hot. Dip both of your fore arms into the hot water for 3 minutes, then switch to the cold for 1 minute. do this 3 times consecutively.”

I fill one bucket up with REALLY hot water. It’s painfully hot to get in it, and then if I keep my arms still it’s ok, but it causes the feeling of a lot of pressure and tingling in my hands… its hard to explain. Then when I put my arms into the cold water my wrists feel very stiff and still have some tingling.

Is this ok? I’m not doing any nerve damage am I? What’s exactly happening?
Thanks guys. If it’s bad for me I’ll stop right away, but at the moment Im a bit worried.

What’s wrong with heat and ice packs. Pain=bad water is too hot.