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Tendonitis and TBT


I'm in about week 5 of CW's TBT and was loving the switch from my normal split regimen. But this past week some pretty extreme tendonitis has taken over in my knees. I have stayed off them and left out quads on the program for the past week, but my tendonitis isn't letting up. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have suggestions on how to recover.


I have never actually heard of tendonitis in the knee, nor can I imagine what it would feel like. This isn't to say that I necessarily doubt that what you say is accurate. Check this website out and let us know what it says. It is, of course, not intended to be a replacement for a doctor, but I am curious to know what it says. All you do is click where it hurts and then answer the yes/no questions.



are you running or jumping? Patella tendonitis is better known as "jumper's knee", which i brutally endured. Also, how do you know it is actually tendonitis?


I guess I have been playing basketball on and off. Thats really my only other activity.

I talked to a couple of trainers at school and they thought that it was tendonitis.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to recover from this. It has been like 2-3 weeks and I still haven't had any change. The pain I think actually has gotten worse. I'm not running on it that much. I have basically cut out all running, jumping, squatting, etc.


Honestly FLAMEOUT did wonder for my elbow tendonitis. To the point of it going away. Id give it a try as well as good fat intake and diet in general.


Anti inlfamatory...aleve ibuprofen, ice elevation and time


Did you check out the site above? If it really is pattellar tendonitis you could permanantly damage it if you don't rest.


I had this in my arm/shoulder some time ago (self diagnosed) - it hurt like hell and it took quite some time for it to go away - it was weeks. The pain was constant and it didn't seem to matter whether I was sedentary or active. If its anything like I experienced, I truly feel for you. The only thing that helped somewhat was some pretty strong painkillers at night time.


It's not tendinitis; if you had tendinitis, it would clear up within a matter of 1-2 weeks with anti-inflammatories. The problem is tendinosis, which is a degenerative problem; you need to treat it entirely differently.