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Tendon Strength

is it possible to strengthin tendons?
i have heard that u can strengthen them through training and also that u are stuck with the tendons that u are born with
which is it

Yes they get stronger as do the muscles et,. just tendons are slower. why many ppl who just go HEAVY blow them. You need to back off let then catch up heal and repair as well to the newlt added muscle and strenght

In general for tendon, more reps NO explosion , corntroleed reps niot putting HASD impact in the tendon < FULL range of Motion

Also eccentrics can help slopw eccentrics.

Diet and supps as well fish oil, etc to reduce inflammation lubricate the joints and tendons so they arent brittle. Alsi if you take supps that drop estrogen Top low can be horrid on the tendons makes then an joints dry and brittle ( E aint all bad)

Glucosmaina and chondrotion etc. balanced diet, good foods

Hope some of that helps