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Tendon Recovery Problem, Need Help


Hi guys , i will really appreciate any honest information about the supplements that is better for me to use along with my recovery cycle from my cruciate tendons problems.

First a little about my problem :
-It’s a problem started 7 years ago due to work on sand many hours and long distances.I could not walk back then 2 months at all and after 1 year i recovered and worked as waitor normally

-After 3 years the problem reoccured , keeping me in the house for 2 months(1 leg could not even touch the floor) and after 8 months , even if i could walk(not normal but ok) my one leg became smaller so i cycled for 3 months 500mg/week omnadren and 100mg/week deca and in 4 months i was fresh no problems at all !(just far away from squads + running).

-Unfortunatelly again after1 year , due to long hours working i got again the problem and cycled for 6 months 250mg test/100mg deca per week.After that problem stayed there , but i was better as at least i could walk small distances instead of being totally destroyed.

I know you can tell me “go to the doctor” , but they don’t put me for surgery nor give good medicine (Just bs antiinflamory ect).I went for mri (back) no problem , and anyways i had many “tendon kind problems” from weights when i was young and i hate doctors at least for those kind of problems so please no advice for “doctors”.

Note : The steroids i use are from pharmacy , the deca very expensive but does in small doses very good job ! I also recover (even from deca) , in 3-4 weeks

My cycle + questions :
-Every time i load for 2 weeks 0.5 arimided and dostinex(for deca) , and use1 test + 100 deca only for those 2 weeks.So no problem at all with estrogens , “deca dick” ect…(i know my organism)

-This time i will run 6 months - 1 year straight (may 3 months a break) , 200mg deca and 250mg omnadren every 5 days.(almost double than my previous cycle).If i find from animal pharmacy boldenon i will shoot 500-750 bloldenon/week +200deca/5days and only 1 test/week-I see.Always i take gear from pharmacies as i got in past big trouble recovering after shooting some “pakistan type” testosterones(prety strong but…)

So … except 1000mg vitaminc + 500mg magnesium , what else can i combine that can help me recover as much as i can ? I will take whatever is necessary to be at least ok with walking normal.

Note : no $ for hgh at the moment…though this would be my last shot if i got many $ in future…
thanx !