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Tendon/Ligament Recovery vs Muscle Recovery

I know connective tissue recovers more slowly, but are there any good rules of thumb how long you have to back off of tendons and ligaments to be 100%? Assuming of course that you dont do any damage like a tear or something.

I have totally jumped on the bandwagon and incorporated part of this Broz thing into my routine by squatting every workout, and really like it. Im due for a deload week and was thinking I should take this into account before jumping back into max squats.

It’s different for everybody. You can speed it up by taking some joint health supplementation, upping your omega 3 intake to help with inflammation, and during the deload put in some of the extra time you will have in your workout into active recovery methods.


Well, I am starting my forced “deload” of moving to a new apartment for the next few days. I will probably up my fish oil during this period and try to rest up. I did some more reading on Broz and plan on coming back with some triples and maybe doubles till I am training fatigued again.

Just to share, Broz says injuries occur when you take a day off and your muscle recovers and is stronger but your connective tissue hasnt adapted. He says not to jump back into maz weights in this case. I also noticed how when he advises people to ease in with, say 3x or 4x a week he seems to recommend more triple and double work too.

I just did a grueling upper body push day and threw in maz back squats at the end, and I havent been able to get off my couch for 2 hours. There is so much packing I am not doing right now.