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Tendon/Ligament/Joint Health: Collagen? Bone Broth?


Increasing liver clearance. In my case, flushing my estradiol out.

I was considering going the bone broth method, but it seems like there are a bunch of recipes and nothing seems standardized. Maybe ill just stick with the collagen.


Yeah a collagen supplement seems more measurable.

I was taking the bone broth at night before bed for the glycine


Pure anecdote here, but I started taking a collagen supplement in my morning coffee about two years ago and feel that it’s been helpful with respect to recovery.

My wife and I also make our own bone broth whenever we have enough leftover bones, and we eat a LOT of soups that we make with bone broth. It’s delicious.


Noticed the comments about Collagen with coffee or water. Is there any problems with putting it in a whey shake or adding it to a stew or curry?


Have you tried stopping eating Kellogs Rice Crispies mate?


No you can totally do that. It’s used in cooking as a thickener.


Nope. No problem with this.

I will say that you may want to try a couple different brands. The one that my wife and I tried first a) tended to “goop” up in chunks (didn’t mix smoothly in liquid unless blended thoroughly) and b) had a bit of a funky taste to it. Our second brand was much better from that standpoint, mixed well and completely flavorless (which can be an advantage). Then we found a flavored one that we really like, delicious in coffee, and have been using that for the last six months or so.



I was told that you could only mix it with whey isolate, otherwise it will bind to the other proteins. This is what they said they were trained on, (supp store employees)

HOWEVER, the brand I bought has no rules about that, it basically says you can mix it with anything. I have just been doing empty stomach to be sure.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch only.