Tendon/Ligament/Joint Health: Collagen? Bone Broth?

All of my joints pop, snap and crack. No pain, but they are very noisy , a lot more in the morning. I am looking for the best recommendation for tendon/ligament health specifically, joint health is a plus.

Is there a specific Collagen supplement that has benefited you? Or is something more natural like bone broth helpful?

I see that type 2 collagen is suppose to benefit the joints and tendons/ligaments. Any experience?

I have taken glucosamine/chrondroitin in the past, but this was before I started having really bad issues with popping and snapping. (low e2 is a bitch) It never really seemed to do too much.

Bone broth is very cheap and easy to make on your own. Might be worth trying for two weeks just for the lack of effort and the relatively low price point compared to supplements?

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On the to do list.

For general joint health, I pair up fish oil and Curcumin. 3-4 Flameout and 2 Curcumin as many times a day as I can remember when I’m feeling extra beat-up or 1 serving of each most days.

A few months back I got hit with some bad tendinitis and tried powdered collagen. Can’t say for sure if it specifically did anything extra because it was one of several things I added at the same time (like bumping up fish oil and curcumin as usual, plus starting targeted rehab training). But yeah, it’s definitely supposed to help and is worth a shot.

I did also start Vitamin B5 just this past Sunday (had been meaning to pick some up sooner). 1g per day. There’s support behind it for tendon repair, some of it discussed here.

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Thanks. Unfortunately I cant use too much curcumin, or it affects my hormones. But it does work great. Thanks for the tip on the collagen. Gonna give it a shot with some fish oil also.

Collagen Peptides 1 & 3 have quite a few positive reviews on amazon regarding joint pain. LOTS of people stating that they had a drastic decrease in knee pain especially. Other nagging injuries or pains were also said to be greatly reduced or eliminated.

With so many glowing reviews I have hope that I will get some benefit from this product.

I will try and keep this post updated for anyone that is interested.

My symptoms as of now are:

Popping/cracking joints (knees especially)
Minor pain associated with some joints (knees) worse after working out.
Tendons feel tight/popping

I started taking the collagen 2 days ago on 2/20. Buying a tub today and I am going to keep this post updated for anyone interested.

I actually bought a tub of the collagen I and III today as well for it’s purported gut health benefits. I’ve had some mild tendinitis in my left elbow for years, so it will be interesting to see if that improves at all.

I treat the joint and ligament / tendon issues separately.

For the joints, I up the omega 3’s if they start feeling too dry, focus on good hydration.

For the ligaments and tendons, I find the only thing that really works for me is going to lighter weight / longer tension time lifts on the damaged area until it heals, and really stretch / warmup good before adding resistance.

Quick update: Friday I did some heavy deadlifts and aggravated the golfers elbow in both arms. Stretched and did my flexbar, but I was ready to deal with it over the next few days. It generally resolves over a few days of babying and flexbar.

The next morning I woke up and there was zero pain. Not even tender. Too early to tell if its related. Will continue taking it on empty stomach, twice a day until tomorrow. (1 week at twice a day then continue at 1)

I’ll add… take some high strength VIt D3 with meal with fats, personally found Now foods to be very good

Supercissus/Cissus quadralangus worth a try -one of those things where 50% of people its fantastic other 50 does nothing

Is this where the old guys are at?
So what’s on the probably works list: Collagen peptides, fish oil and…
I take no supplements for strength, but I’d buy them for my tendons etc

I front loaded the first week with 2 scoops a day, then 1 scoop a day after , yesterday was my 2 week mark.

My wrists are much less audible regarding cracking and popping of the tendons. Knees feel pretty good.

I had started hearing some horrible grinding in my knees, going from Ass to grass, to standing. Having my problems with low e2, I was super worried that I had aged my joints by damaging the collagen or cartilage. I am very happy to say that the grinding is practically gone, I still hear a little bit every now and then. The sound and discomfort is relieved by about 80%. Im hoping the longer I take it, the more benefits I will keep getting from it.

Side note, my fingernails are growing very fast. Not really one of the benefits I was looking for, but I suppose I know it shows that it is building up in certain tissues.

I’m going to keep taking it.

Specifically I was hearing this sickening grinding sound on my right knee (my better knee) and it has resolved it.

How many grams are you taking?

The one that I bought is 11 grams per serving.

I forgot to mention that I also noticed soft tissue injuries healing much faster. Whenever I had a little tweak or strained muscle, it seemed to heal much quicker.

Have been nursing a strained finger, it is practically healed now.

I bought some Collagen, it’ll be amazing if I see similar results. Holding off on omega 3 so I can be sure as to what is having an affect

Cool, so by my understanding that’s about a tablespoon.

How are you liking drinking the horrible jelly it turns into?

That seems about close.

Its hydrolyzed, so its actually super easy to drink. Slight “taste” doesn’t really bother me.

I just drink it first thing in the AM on empty stomach, do about 8-10 ounces of water with it and just chug it down. Super easy to drink. Im sure it would dissolve with little flavor into coffee.

How can curcumin affect hormones? I take a curcumin supplement and I eat a lot of turmeric in Indian food.

I made my own bone broth before. The first time was really tasty, the second time got too watery. The first time I simmered a 4 dollar pack of chicken leg quarters with the skin on, left it overnight, and it was like Jello. I tried to do something with the left over meat, but it didn’t taste good. The second time I used beef marrow bones and it didn’t come out that well. I might try beef marrow bones with chicken wings next time.