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Tendon Health Related Cycle Questions


Stats: bench:440 DL:600 Squat:550
Height: 6'1
Weight: 248
BF%:14(rough estimate)
Training:15years, good diet

Backround: all levels of football up to arena football, played 3 years of arena football. Took the last too off to get a real job LOL. Ive trained based on the west side principles for the better part of my 15 training years. I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to AAS, but i have not considered doing a cycle till now. I have many reasons for cycling, but ill just add the important ones, i feel that I've reached my genetic potential for size, feel time is catching up, nagging bumps, strains ect( nothing too serious).

The main reason im posting is one year ago while doing loaded and unloaded sprints my knee sublexed causing my semi membranous tendon( hamstring tendon that runs down the inside of my leg connecting to the shin bone) to stretch and become inflamed. Ive worked it back to about 90 percent through P.T, eccentric loading, R.I.C.E etc. I want to do a cycle that can possibly put me back to 100 percent so i can make one last run at playing ball.

Based on whole lot of conflicting research i have been able to pick a few compounds that could help and would include....hgh or peptides, and anavar. I currently have 10 weeks worth of test cyp at 200mg every 3 days, along with anavar for a frontload, 50mg a day for 5 weeks, ghrp6 and cjc 1295( 3 months worth) and of coarse the pct ancillaries. Im just trying to figure out if i need to start the peptides right away and run them through pct or to wait till my last test pin and start of pct to run them. I will be trying A.R.T massages and possible prolotherepy as well. anyone with any knowledge or insight please feel free to post, and rip if you must.


Start the peptides with your AAS and run them as long as you can. Make sure your CJC-1295 is the NO DAC (No Drug Affinity Complex) version or you are going to experience a low level GH "bleed" throughout your cycle which you do NOT want. Also you may prefer GHRP-2, just because you don't get the evil hunger and gut motility issues that some (like myself) do not like. GHRP-2 is much milder in this respect and still provides the exact same benefits you are probably looking for with G-6. If you actually want the hunger, though, G-6 cannot be beat.

You can add GH to this, but you will want to include it SLOWLY and carefully, as I got some incredible nerve compression issues the first time I combined the GH with the G-2/CJC. I had to drop everything for 2 weeks and then start over very slowly and carefully thereafter. You won't really need the GH, anyway, imo, as this cycle looks very well planned out.

Just be careful with that hamstring, as your work capacity is going to go up really fast and with all the new strength you are going to want to really push it. I'm sure you already know this, just emphasizing.

Good luck.


Oh, just thought, the only thing I would criticize is possibly the anavar dosage. As a frontload, I'd say go with 80mg/d for 3 weeks if that's all you've got. Anavar, in my experience, is just not really that effective at all in doses of under 80 to 100mg/w before the rest of your gear has kicked in.


1st off, Cortes i REALLY appreciate the quick feed back!!!! there are just a few small things i need to brush up on before i responsibly take the plunge lol! I think i will try to obtain some ghrp 2, as well because of the hunger craving issues which i want nothing to do with. Other than the CJC what other compound would you recommend with the the ghrp2 so i don't get that excessive bleed. 2 other things...

  1. thinking of running dbol preworkout 20-30mg for a quick strength boost. thoughts on this, effects with running anavar the same time, should i frontload the dbol and run the anavar towards the end ect.

  2. one thing Ive noticed that a lot of people say about the peptides is that they get a mild hypo feeling a few mins after pinning, is this of any concern? also i work 12 hour days so if i pin in the morning so i should expect an energy boost throughout the day, but some users report sleepiness after a pin, care to elaborate.


The cycle you have laid out is fine the way it is, I think. No need to further complicate it. I would think you would want to be very careful with all that extra strength, given the tendon issues you mentioned. AAS is not going to help them and, while the peptides probably will, you still need to approach this realistically. Be safe first, otherwise you'll end up worse off than you are now.

I definitely get this feeling from G6 and G2 both. Much moreso from G6. I do NOT get it from GH, even with an 8iu all at once IV injection. With the G2/G6, I just ride it out for thirty minutes and then have my protein carb meal at that time. You should try your best to inject your peptides on an empty stomach or have only protein in your stomach.

Caveat emptor, with the peptides I am only speaking from personal experience and some very superficial knowledge, so this is not really to be taken as gospel. Do a little more research of your own or listen to a few of the other guys here before just taking my advice about the peptides. I will say though, that what I suggest here has certainly seemed to work for me.


totally agree with you on both subjects. Im well aware of the further damage i could do by pushing past my limits. I plan to keep most of everything i do while im ON explosive, while not going over 80 percent of my max at any time.

As far as the ghrp, i think i must have read every thread and was just trying to get an understanding of what to expect, but the only true way to do that is just to do it, and go from there. Looks like the popular belief is that after the first week or so those symptoms subside provided the dose stays in 100mcg-300mcg per day range.


Ok, so instead of obtaining the peptides, i have received pharm grade hgh from a guy i know who runs a compounding pharm. Now from what i understand the pharm grade stuff is much more potent, which would lead me to believe a lower dosage is needed to start. I just read the entire hgh iv thread experiment, all 800 pages. I am curious if im going more for tendon regeneration, is IV not really the way to go ( the gf is in nursing school so its not a problem)? BTW the active release technique massages are amazing, they have given me the most progress i have seen in a year, anyone who is serious about getting fixed up should find a practitioner in there area.