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Tendon Damage


Hey all,

About 6 months ago I started getting a lot of pain in my elbows. I took a two-week rest and went back at it. Within a week I was in pain again. Went to the ortho who told me I had a bad case of tendonitis in both elbows, inside and outside (ACL, MCL?). Gave me cortisone shots, two $80 elbow braces and said no supinating or pronating movement for three weeks. Also gave me some topical Ketoprofen as an anti-inflammatory. Well, not much has changed. I went back today and he said surgery is the best bet because it?s not getting any better. Basically muscle strength/tendon size ratio problem causing it to never heal.

So, here is the question: Does anyone know of an alternative solution? I read an article in T-mag that Deca, Anavar, or Equipoise will increase collagen synthesis. Will this help resolve my problem?


From my experience you should rest it more than 2 weeks, and DONT mask the pain with shots. its the worst thing for it.I would take about a month off from any EXERCISES that aggrivate it. In this month go to get a full body deep tissue massage. go to someone credutable. These help because the elbow pain can be coming from another aggrivated muscle group. Everything is connected, so maybe your forearm or shoulder is "off" after a about 3 treatments you should feel better ( sometimes one works for me). THEN after the month go back to the gym and work on exercises that will give you a PUMP before you lift. This way the blood acts as a cushion and the elbow wont be worked cold. See how it feels and move on to more intense weight and exercises based on this. THEEEEEEN after your workout ice for elbows for 15 min. This will get rid of the swelling. I used dixie cups with ice or a cold bath. Also advil if needed. ( but not prolonged, just in over swelling situation). I dont like doctors. They have given me tons of bullshit info. ESPECIALLY ORTHOPEDICS! FUCK THEM!


Thanks lats2dope

I'm not fond of orthos either. Already hand carpel tunnel done on both wrists, put me out for 4 months each. That's why I don't want to go this route again. They would only do one side at a time which means another 8 months. Not happy!

I will look into your sugestion, better a nonth than 8. I have been icing after every workout. I use a bag of frozen peas strapped around each elbow, not a great fashion statement but it gets both sides at the same time. Motrin is usually my choice. I've run out of the ketoprofen gel.

Again, thanks.


Wow, sorry to hear about your condition. I'll second what Lats said about taking time off - it takes months, not weeks, to cure something like that.

As far as collagen enhancing drugs, use the search engine and check out a thread called "AAS & Tendon Health."

I'd certainly try a course of Boldenone/Oxandrolone (EQ/Anavar) before I went for surgery.


Growth hormone is excellent for increasing collagen synthesis and repair of damaged tendons. Though is obviously not cheap.

An article in T-mag that may be of interest to you is called 'Eccentric Exercise, A Solution To Tendonitis?'

Here is the link


Thanks guys, I read the articles you mentioned. I also found the one that talks about AAS and weak tendons.

The "Eccentric Exercise A Solution to Tendonitis? by Peter Blanchonette" has really got me thinking. Thanks Creed, I owe you one. I am now looking at how to try it. Man, I feel more positive already, Thanks!


you can also try some vioxx to reduce swelling in the joints. i go through tendonitis a couple of times a year. you already got some great recommendations from the previous posts. laters pk


Also look into Active release technique ART). usually physical therapists and chiropractors do it. This has also helped me ( heard it works wonders for carpel tunnel)


good luck mate. Let us know how you get on, it would be interesting to know if it works.


Surgery for tendonitis??? These guys never fail to amaze me. I have had great success with Ibuprofen at 800mg, 3X / day for 1 week...1 week, not 3. Glucosamine/Chondriton has been the savior though. Some say it does not work, but that is BS. It takes 3-4 weeks to start to give relief though. Ice as mentioned previously, along with complete rest for the affected area.


You can look into that Pentosan-Vet medication that is used to repair ligaments, tendons and other collagenous tissue in veterinary medicine. It is used alot in australia by aussie rules footballers and rugby players.