Tendon and Ligament Training

What is the best method for strengthening ligaments and tendons, particularly the knees and achilles?

I’m interested in that too. Also, in strengthening the connective tissues in shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands.

To-Shin Do

I dont remember where I got this but…

"You cannot strengthen a joint as much as you can increase its range
of motion and make it more efficient. By increasing your range of
motion and releasing joint tension you will develop better technique
in your lifts therefore becoming stronger and powerful.

The joint mobility movements are called Zydrove or Z-Health.

I have been perfroming these movements that past year and they have
greatly increased my recovery time and technique with throwing and
olympic lifts. And I’ve been lifting and throwing for over 15 years.

I use it with athletes I train and it has put feet on thier throws
and greatly increased throwing and lifting technique in minutes. It
is a great way to help prevent injury and increase performance.

So when you ask about strengthening joints, you should be helping
increase your ROM, reducing tension and increasing movement efficiency."

Short answer: lift some weights

Sagomed is absolutely correct. You can find out more about my system, Zdorovye, or its mother, CST at www.circularstrengthtraining.com.

Scott Sonnon

what does CST stand for?

by the way Im intrested in purchasing some videos…
I saw a package for like 199 that seems to have what I want

first health then basketball
so the whole moving eficiently thing atracts me a lot


[quote]sagomed wrote:
what does CST stand for?[/quote]

CST == Circular Strength Training