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Tendinosis Maybe


August from last year i got hit twice in my right thigh in a game playing ball, it hurt a lot couldn’t even walk well but i had about 6 more games to play that week, in the process i started feeling pain in my knee tendon(i played in so much pain). after that i stopped a few weeks then played a little tournament, after the games my knee hurt even when i as sitting with my knee flex (i didn’t play a few games). I stopped again and didn’t do anything for 2 weeks i think, then i run track 400 and 800 it did not bother me at all (i think all the jumping and changes of directions bother my knee the most). i have been lifting for about 2 months and when i lift and do heavy deep squats, heavy deadlift… my knee doesn’t hurt. i can walk, swim, run, lift with no pain (expet playing ball), the weird thing is that when i touch my tendon and press it there is part of it that still swollen all the way up to the patella and i feel pain.
what should i do?? any recommendation