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Tendinosis and Deca

I’m a newbie. Go easy on me :slight_smile:
I’ve been bodybuilding for 6 years.
For the last 10 months I’ve struggled with shoulder issues. About a year ago I was training like an idiot, ignored all the pain in my shoulder and eventually couldn’t even lift my arm or drive a car.

I was diagnosed with supraspinatus and biceps (long head) tendinosis.
The supraspinatus is fine now, but the damn bicep tendon doesn’t seem to be improving at all. Someone at the gym told me that deca would fix my bicep tendon, and I’m seriously thinking about doing a cycle. I’ve had ART done on my shoulder, but it didn’t get any better.

I haven’t done any chest or delt training for 9 months and my patience is running thin.
So, my question is: Would deca aid in healing my bicep tendinosis?
All help is greatly appreciated.


Here is a link to a thread similar to yours. Hope some of this info helps.


Good Luck


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I just ordered some Cissus Rx.

Deca is not known for it’s tendon-healing qualities, more for alleviating joint pain & inflammation.
My suggestion, based on me having the same problem in BOTH bicep tendons at the same time recently, is to have a couple cortizone shots and take some time off. I stayed away from all pulling, curling, and benching for 3 weeks. Heat before the gym, ice after, NSAIDs twice a day. I recovered just fine. The longer you go on hurting, the longer it will take to heal.

Thanks, Antman.
I’ve had the injury for some time now, so I guess it’ll take some time to heal.
Rowing, chins and incline curls don’t hurt, but pressing hurts quite a bit.
I’m not sure about cortisone though. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it. Stomach problems and a worsening of the injury for example.
I may be wrong, but I thing cortisone is great for tendinosis, but if you have tendinitis then you’d better stay away from it.

There are alternatives to regular old cortizone. I had shots of Kennelog (not sure of the spelling) and there are a few other derivatives too.
Never heard of cortizone giving anyone stomach problems, though…

The Cissus is a good product but it’s not really going to help your existing tendonitis. I have AC impingments, and really bad forearm tedonitis from heavy deads and while it helps, its not miracle cure.

Deca and test will help mask the pain, but when you come off, it may be 10X worse. I am going to try Alflutop, I have heard good things about it, 1 ml a day for 21 days, we’ll see. As a back up I have an ortho appt for my shoulder for cortisone inject # 2. At some point I will probably have to give up becnching or get arthroscopic surgey. .

The cortisone, icing and physical therapy plus slowly ramping up the weights is your best bet and should help. I ran Var last time I went through physical therapy and got the cortisone inject and it lasted for 18 months.

I ordered some Ibuprofen gel which is wonderful stuff. If you’re interested you have to order international. Good luck.

[quote]magnusjs wrote:
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I just ordered some Cissus Rx.[/quote]

Thanks for the advice everyone.
Like over40 said, I think a key element is to gradually increase the training load for the injured bodypart. If I do nothing, my tendinitis feels really bad. If I try to bench with max weights, it also feels bad. However if I’m careful, do some light benching/incline dumbbells, it feels much better the next day. So I guess some of the trick is to not rest completely, but rather train light and intelligently.
I don’t think that tendinitis is an inflammatory condition. Tendinosis might be, but what I have seems to be a chronic (over three months) degenerative thing. I guess that’s why eccentric exercise has helped cure tendinitis in many individuals. The ART guy I went to, told me that he dip heavy eccentric dips to get rid of his AC-joint problems. Worked like a charm.
He didn’t reccomend that I do the same, not officially anyway, but he definately had faith in this method.

God damn it!!
After using Cissus Rx for a couple of weeks, my shoulder was feeling better.
However, I did pull-ups today, and on the first rep of the second set something in my shoulder went “CRRAK”. Hurt like hell. It actually felt like the bicep tendon jumped out of the groove. So now I can’t move my arm at all without insane shoulder pain. I got an MRI appointment in one week, so that’ll be interesting.
I don’t know if I’ve subluxed the tendon or actually partially torn it. Either way, it sucks!