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Tendinitis in Knees


A PT has told me that I most likely have tendinitis in my knees and that I should probably not squat if I didn't want to hurt. I personally love squatting and I hate the fact that he has told me this. I feel there is no supplementation for squats. Anyone else have this issue and have any tips on maybe something that could ease the pain in my knees while squatting? Would elevated heels help any with this? Any tips are appreciated greatly.


Take the time off until your tendons have healed themselves. Elevated heels would ADD stress to you knees, not take it away. I was able to do deadlifts all day long with no knee pain when I did my bout with tendonosis. Because I didn't deal with it and rest right from the start, it took me about 10 months to recover from it..


This is why I don't go to physios, cause they tell you to ignore the problem instead of fixing it.

Type in "knees" in the search section and read away at the articles on here they have invaluable information. Read them all.

Make sure you're squatting properly based on your own biomechanics and bone alignment.

Get knee sleeves.

Emphasize posterior work. Elevating your heels puts more stress on the quads and knees.

Don't go crazy with the weight.


I get this on occasion as well. The worst part is once it starts it takes a long time to go way. In addition to the advice given, I found running before squatting really helped. I'm sure anything that really gets the blood flowing in your legs would work, so after you rest for a while make sure to thoroughly warm up without stressing your knees before you squat again. I dealt with it for about 6 months, and like the previous poster one of my biggest issues was not dealing with it initially.


EEeeeff man how did you manage that with tendinitis? This is sound advice, but I would suggest the bike as it's easier on the knees, but whatever works for you.


I don't know, it just didn't hurt. Squatting down onto a toilet was excruciating, but a light jog was fine. Bike would probably give the same benefit though.


Foam roll and stretch your quads, hip flexors and really your entire hips daily. Lie face down on the floor, put a tennis ball in the gap between your kneecap, quad and the floor and flex your knee, you should feel a probably painful stretch around your knee, do this 20 times and move the ball to the left or right and repeat. Also, get a massage if you can afford it and I personally wouldn't recommend NSAIDs. Check out Kelly Starrett's stuff on this as it's got some good info in there.

In the gym, hammer your hamstrings and glutes and try to keep stress of your knees, so light cycling etc. to get the blood pumping without stressing them too much. I'd suggest getting your squat form checked as it may be the reason why.


i would not suggest the tennis ball trick until you are 90% pain free. I had 0 success with it, and usually made my pain worse.


Not sure about this. I love squatting as well but I get quad tendonitis in my knees from time to time as a result from heavy back squats. (lack of ankle mobility due to old injury is my problem). I usually just ditch them for a few months and switch to leg press, front squat and deficit trap bar deadlifts (known as dead squats around here), lower the weight and go for reps. They are much friendlier on my knees and hit my quads harder anyway.


Really you could do this with the ball anywhere on your quads as a way of stretching if being too close to the kneecap caused pain.