tender / sore nipples

8 weeks into first Test only cycle, 600mg split into 300mg 2x a week… just started to fell tender , sore nipples… Should it be concerning and what mg nolvadex would you recommend. waiting on Dr in 2 weeks to get labs done

Sounds like classic start of gyno.

20mg of nolvadex per day


60mg of raloxifene per day

I prefer the latter. Those will cease/ reverse any NEW gyno. Ideally next time you’d add a 2nd compound for estrogen management (like primo, mast or EQ) instead of using those. At this point, I’d say just finish the cycle with one of the above.

Good luck


probably take me a week or 2 to get in , anything I can do in meantime to reduce gyno chances or think I should be fine ?

Really not a great position to be in. You really want to be fully prepared before a cycle.

Just try to get ahold of those asap.


I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t STOP your poorly thought out cycle, instead of risking gyno?! Go do a google search, and realize you are a high risk person, no way around it, again, go look at what can happen.

NOBODY wants to go through from what I’ve seen over the decades, why I’m being aggressive in telling you to stop, get what you need, than restart and titrate up.

Take care.

It’s normal to feel tingly and sore nipples when increasing testosterone. It’s a symptom of hormonal changes. It doesn’t mean you’re developing gyno. It also doesn’t mean you’re not developing gyno. Gynecomastia is a specific condition.
If you don’t have nolva or Raloxifen take an AI to get your estrogen under control if it’s high. You do have some sort of AI on hand? If not then you half-assed your cycle and are in no position to be dabbling in steroids.

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