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Tender Planta Fascia


Hi BBB and friends,

My left foot planta fascia is very tender when myofascial releasing with a baseball. I often hear a crunchy sound when rolling it. After rolling it, my ankle flexibility increases dramatically. There is no pain within the planta fascia at any other time. I have noticed this for the past 6 months and it doesnt seem to be improving.

Some background;
I have had a few left foot ankle sprains and impact trauma injuries due to soccer over the years. About 2 years ago I had surgery to remove a anterior ankle spur and some flaoting bone. The anterior part of the ankle can still be a bit tender/sore on dorsiflexion especially after any prolonged running/playing soccer. My theory is that my planta fascia is tightened to try and prevent the dorsiflexion causing that tender pain of the anterior part of my ankle, which causes the long-term tightness of the fascia??

Anyway my question is; should I just keep rolling it on a daily basis or is there anything else I can do?

Sorry about the long post.

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Is my injury too complicated for you?

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Manipulation of posters??
What are you on about buddy??

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When you say your ankle flexibility increases dramatically, I just want to be sure you mean into dorsiflexion?



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It's called Tweety spinay planters fasciitis caused by excessive homoerotic tweeting.

See your Art Practitioner.


There is no ART practioner in my town.

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Given this appears to be a chronic inflammatory condition and the "crunching" sound your hearing would indicate this. An initial approach would be to follow a principle of rice,rest and facial strecthing one stretch to try is lye on your back hips to 90, knees straight and dorsiflex the ankle and much as possible.

Assuming this doesn't make a difference it would be wise to continue your self-massage with golf's balls and the like whilst seeking the assistance of a qualified myotherapist or physiotherapist who is qualified in myofacial release, cupping and dry needling which would adequately address the plantar soreness.

As for the anterior ankle pain if this occuring at this base of the shin (tibia) you may require some joint mobilisations to improve the mobility and ROM of the ankle.

Reducing tension in the calves (gastroc and soleus) may also help

Worst Case scernerio your may have an anterior bone spur or a bone spur on the inferior side of the calcaneal (heel) bone. scans would confirm this

Hope this assists you


Thanks buddy. That was informative.
I dont think RICE will help much, as this is a long term problem(noticed a tight planta fascia for about 12 months now). About 2 years ago I had surgery for a anterior ankle spur and to remove a spur.

Where in Australia are you? What is your profession? I would be interested in seeing someone for my issue, although everytime I talk to a proffesional they seem uninterested in my problem. For example when I talked about my squat depth with my sports masseuer, he had really no idea of what muscle were involved etc etc.

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Im located in South Yarra, Victoria (www.smithfit.com.au) and I operate under the title of Sports Therapist (www.acst.com.au)

If your not local to this area, i can gladly source a suitable professional for you to get in contact with


I don't if it helps but, i was with some plantar Fascist tendonitis and the only thing that helped was add calf works back to my leg days, as soon as i've done it, the pain went away after a few weeks. And before adding it i was stretching like a madman and it wasn't getting better.


Thanks kaiser_kid,

Ill start adding calf work today. Any calf work in particular?

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