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Ten Dollar Test

Starting this year two miracles happened:

  1. My insurance now covers testosterone cypionate!
  2. My copay is ten dollars!!!

It pays to hassle your insurance company and explain the logic of test cyp over Androgel. We all save big this way.

I was thrilled, to say the least! $10 for 10 weeks of t-cyp, rather than $50 for 4 weeks of shitty Androgel that cost my insurance an additional $300 a month.

You guys should try talking to your insurance companies of you are paying too much.

hey bigdawg, can you PM me the name of your insurance company? I may be shopping for new insurance soon.


sometimes you can claim the hrt under you major medical insurance…and then your co-pay might be free…mine is $0 co-pay on the Test, pins, and sharps containers. good luck.


who is your insurance provider?