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Tempurpedic for Recovery

I’ve been thinking about buying a tempurpedic for awhile. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

I’ve done some research on the net and its a really controversial product.

This is inspired by Lowery’s most recent article btw. I figure if I can improve the quality of sleep, rather than the quantity, it might be a better solution than sleeping more hours.

I have the pillow they make, and wish I could afford the mattress. The pillow really supports my neck nicely.

I’m curious what controversy you’ve discovered in your research?

Great bed. Buy it if you can afford it (not sure the imitators are the same).

They give you a home trial and you can return it if you don’t like it (do give your body…a few days to a week to get used to it).

I have one and its well worth it. I have never slept better. Look up a company called dial a mattress they deliver and give you 30 days to tryit out or they give you something else. Get the adjustable and it can turn into the Libarator as well

My wife and I bought a king-size tempurpedic a year ago just after I herniated L4L5. It is the absolute best. They threw in four of the pillows for free. Every night when I lay down it is heaven. With the old beds I used to have to kind of work the kinks out before hopping out of bed and into the shower.

I roll right out of bed with no kinks. I used to go to the chiro regularly for adjustments. I haven’t been since we got the matress. My back injury is not 100% clear yet, but I have gone over 365# deadlift multiple times in the past 4 months. Worth every penny, and it was a lot of pennies.

It is controversial regarding its pricing and return policy and value.

Google ‘tempurpedic opinion’ or similar and look thru the results.

Epinions.com has many consumer comments, many of them praising it while others say it shrank and the componay wouldn’t replace it even tho the product lost some of its effectiveness. Considering the cost, these people get pretty upset.