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Tempted by 5/3/1, But Confused Where to Start

Hi guys, currently on a cut but apparently I should be trying to maintain my strength and I do like lifting heavy (well, heavy for me) I’m confused though, I don’t understand the programme that well, are there any resources for it. IE training programme spreadsheets, calculating the weight I should use etc.

Thank you.

The book is your best resource. I believe that there is an example of how to make your own spreadsheet in the back of it as well.

Book is a good start. I’ve done HUNDREDS of articles, answered close to 100,000 questions for free, some countless interviews. At this time, I’m 100% sure that there isn’t an original question that has been asked in past 5 years. So your answer is out there!

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i just bought the beyond 5/3/1 book, do you think i should buy the first one or this one is all i need?

When I first came to 5/3/1 training, I wasnt totally new to lifting. I had some months of linear progression with basic barbell lifts.
I bought beyond book first and used many of the different templates and even beyond program, which I sure was not qualified to use…
Things were confusing with jokers, fsl and all the variations and I had no experience with original program. That said I didnt quite understand the meaning of PR set for example and kinda just did “Amrap” or whatever…
Finally I read 5/3/1 2nd edition and understood more about the whole concept. I have also been on Jims private forums and read articles about training, templates, conditioning, goals, periodization… and finally now recently I feel I dont have to ask too many questions any more, but just put my ass to work.

If possible read 2nd edition first, leave beyond book for little later. This is just my personal advice though.

Good luck for your journey!