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Temporary Solultion for Puffy Nipples


Hey everybody you mind if I ask some advice, well I've got this problem with my chest. I have puffy nipples and have had them for the longest. The thing is when my nipples are hard my chest looks great but when their not it doesn't look as appealing. Its really quite embarassing to me. The thing is next month I'm gonna be male modeling in a runway show coming up and I was told that I'm gonna have my first off at different times. I just need a temporary solution or quick-fix that'll keep nipples hard for a few hours, do you all know of any?




I've got the perfect solution for you:

rub some icy hot on your nips before the show.

BAM! Problem Solved. You're Welcome


I don't know how serious your condition is and you might not have gyno, but check out the thread DJHT posted.

Sometimes pinching my nipples [no homo] helps, but not for hours...more like a few minutes. But then pinching my nipples is even more conspicuous and embarrassing, so I don't really do that either.


Theres no hard disks or lumps underneath the nipples so its not gyno. I do the pinching the nipples thing...I hate having to do that for it to only last a few minutes.


I had the same problem since I was about 12. i also wrote just about all you need to know in that thread that was linked.


I didn't have any hard lumps either. Puffy nipples are treated the same way.


I have the hard lumps :/....


^ Men can get breast cancer just to throw that out there.


Just read through that link... and now I want to get a doctor to look and see if I have Gyno... tons of excellent information though.


Yikes, maybe I should see a doctor about it then even though I'm pretty sure it's only gyno. But I live in Toronto, Canada--I'd have to wait a while even if it turned out to be that kind of lump.

I know a girl who had to wait a year, and that's after she was first told that it was nothing and decided to try to get it removed anyway. After they removed it they were like "good thing you went through with it or you'd be in trouble in a few years".

She's pretty hot.


But then again I've had this problem since at least 7th/8th grade [that's as far back as I remember] and I've had the lumpy feeling for as long so it's probably not that.

Fuck it, now I'm scared. I'm seeing a doctor anyway. It'd be pretty embarrassing for my family if I died of breast cancer.


I was looking through that link and i hope surgery isn't the only option for this, I only need a solution that's temporary.


So you will never ever ever be in a situation again like the one you are in now?


How old are you? If you are in your 20's 99% sure its gyno. Breast cancer doesnt hit men until a lot later in life. So if you try to get into a Dr now by the time you get it really checked out you should be in your 30's since you live in Canada. :slightly_smiling:


^ lol


well yeah later on I will for more photoshoots and whatnot I'm sure, that's why I generally like doing shirtless shots outside when its winter time


Would Preparation H work temporarily?

Just throwing that out there.


haha, pretty much. And yeah, I'm only 20, so it's probably just gyno.

Thanks for the advice man.


I think I'll try that, although I heard only the preparation H in Canada does the necessary effects