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Temporary Routine

I’m in the midst of making a specialized routine for mass/bulking that I plan on starting in mid to late winter. During that same time I’m going to be doing a MAG-10 cycle with Methoxy and Myostat to back it up (of course Red-Kat for the off cycle). All in all the entire cycle will last about three months including a month long specialized recovery period. Right now though I am still waiting on each and every supplement and peice of equipment I need for my own home GYM. I am also editing and re-editing my program based on needs, effciency, and an uninterrupted time scale. My diet is also going to be pre-planned and a budget will be created based on it. Until then I don’t know what to do. I just finished the Power-Circuit and before that did OVT for 2 months. I need a plan for slow gaining and mass priming. Ideally I’d like to cut modestly while gaining modestly so that I’m a little leaner when I start bulking. I don’t want to do a lot of volume or go hypocaloric as I want my body fully rested and at a relatively normal level of homeostasis. Any suggestions? ABBHT? Or some specialized program for a body part I want to focus on? Just for referance- OVT and the Power Circuit brought me from 179 and 8% BF to 190 and 9% BF. I gained a temendous amount of strength between the two routines and I plan on breaking 215 this cycle without going higher than 11% BF. After what I just did, that goal seems very easy and realistic.

Actually, ABB would be really good for what you’re wanting I think. That with the mag-10 cycles should get you some great size!

Everything else looks in line, supps, diet, etc.

Keep us up to date on how it goes.

i think you are looking to cut for now until you start your mass cycle? in that case i would do something like joels rr and d or poliquins maximal weights in the mean time until you start your mass cycle.