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Temporary Replacement for SWF?


I finished up my last serving of SWF today. I'm stuck paying rent by myself for a couple months, with some other things, so I cannot afford any supplements besides basic protein for a little while.

My question is, what would be the best "homemade" temporary replacement for SWF? Right now I'm taking a scoop of whey and a scoop of Gatorade post-workout, would the best thing for me to just make a slightly bigger serving of that and sip throughout the workout?

Thanks guys.


what did you do before SWF came out?

ppl have been known to go without it...


Fair enough.

I guess my question should have been, is there a somewhat functional, cheaper alternative, rather than what is it?


I think you already got a descent option with the Gatorade and whey post workout, adding some leucine or bcaas would help with that to. I just bought my first tub of Surge and have been using it for about 2 weeks and absolutely love the taste. I was using gatorade with cheap walmart vanilla flavored protein, with 70 grams of waxy maize, leucine, and creatine. Surge tastes so good compared to what I was tryna do.


oops i thought you was talking about Surge Recovery.I read to fast. sorry about that


I'm operating on gatorade and whey right now.

pre: lots of G and a very small amount of protein powder
Post: little bit of G and a normal amount of protein powder. (and if I go shake crazy, bananas, chocolate milk, yogurt, etc etc)


chicken pita prewo
gatorade and bcaa periwo
whey and oats pwo

SWF is still carbs and protein, theres no escaping that.

in the end its all carbs and protein. the form and speed you get it in has at best a small difference within a 24 hour period.

in a year from now assuming all things equal your physique will look no different if you used SWF or ate chicken pitas before you lifted.