Temporarily Stopping TRT

Agreed. I love the stuff and hate quitting. I’m doing it slowly this time. I’ve tried cold turkey 3x but always went back to it.

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I’ve been toying with the idea of going to the 3 mg pouches instead of the 6 mg. Hurts my soul paying the same amount for half the nicotine.

I’ll say that I think I’ve at least done a lot of risk reduction. I still have a nicotine expense, and I don’t like being addicted to it, but I think the pouches/gum are not too much worse than something like caffeine (aside from they are probably worse for dental health). I think a lot of people would be better off if they made the same switch. Better to quit all together, but with how many people fail at it, I think harm reduction with a “healthier” substitute is wise. Also, I think quitting the gum or pouch may be easier than the cigs.

You can do it… the patch from nicoderm does work… its just not the same as a nice cigarette after eating or first thing in the morning. Its been about 24 hours sonce my last cigarette, calf pain is gone…

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I’ll let you dudes know how it goes, since some docs prescribe enclophimine taken 2x a week instead of hcg on trt, I don’t see the harm starting enclophine 1 week after last injection (which was 50% of original dose)

Its been 2 weeks about since my last cigarette, and have been continuing injections as scheduled, since I stopped smoking, not bruising as easily, calf pain went away, and i almost bleed to death from brushing my teeth lol

I couldnt resist the urge to put the juice in me… felt a bit weak and tired, body was telling me it wanted another sip…

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I know exactly what you mean here! I’ve been on Nebido (1000mg) injection for 3 months before switching to every 2 x wks of Sustanon 250 being given, ive had 3 injections of that and had some discomfort in calf areas, weird niggly feeling, aches and pains at times, even felt like it was localised burning in a spot on calf. Was yours similar?

Tried walking it off and it would just go and come back! I too am a smoker (cut down from 15 to 5 now!) I also used to smoke marijuana so much and constant sessions. but now have got down to 1 joint a night! Which i cant seem to drop unfortunately!

Anyways I got my leg checked out by Dr and he said no DVT, but i was still worried about blood clots too!

Im come off TRT for now as felt some major side effects due to shit dosing protocol the NHS has, and also wanted to get my fertility as we are trying for a child. Will look at getting back on TRT at some point in future, but happy to get off for now due to worryimg about blood clots which never had to before, snd the issues above.

Did you use HCG and enclomiphene or clomid, or nolvadex etc to come off/ for PCT please? How did you get on and what protocol did you use?