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Temporarily Sleep Paralysis


What usually happens to me is that i will take a nap wake up and find that i can't move a thing. i'm not dreaming my eyes are open its just the rest of me wont move. for me to snap out of this i usually have to initiate movement from my toes and work my way up. I try to wiggle my toes on my right foot (whether they are moving or not im not sure but in my mind they are)and about 5mins or so later i will be able to get up and carry on with the day a usual.

The first time this happened to me i panicked nothing is as scary to wake and find that your paralysed or be it temporarily.

this happens at least once a week.

does anyone suffer from this?


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Sort of. I have it in my some of my dreams, only in those dreams I don't know I'm dreaming. It's usually right before something really sadistic and fucked up happens, and I just shock awake and find that I can't move for a few minutes.

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Hey man,

I used to get that all the time. I've met one other person who had it who actually went to see a sleep specialist about it. Its a normal thing that mostly has to do with being over tired. I had it worst in highschool and it completely stopedd by the time I was 22 or so.




I swear there was a thread on this a few months ago


Yeah it's the first hit that comes up when you use that search bar thing at the top of the page.


I've had this a couple times were my eyes open, but the auditory portion of my brain is still asleep, so for a second I hear the dream, but can't move, and am visually awake. I really thought I'd lost it when it first happened and started researching it online. Turns out it's normal. Just regular internet aids.


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First step is check if a fat chick has you pinned down. I can think of a few times this turned out to be the case.


I had this once or twice when I was younger.It was just stress related.


My friend had this. Night terrors. In his case there was paralysis and a hallucinated shadowy figure standing at the foot of his bed. He spent a good portion of high school afraid to sleep. You'd always see him taking cat naps at school.


Sleep paralysis is nothing to worry about. I have had the hallucinations like the ones listed previously, and I recall once dreaming about sleep paralysis, coming to, and experiencing it (a dream w/n a dream type thing). It is quite a disconcerting experience, and even I will keep myself awake sometimes after an episode. Like a panic attack the best way to deal with them is just to relax and ignore. Fighting it just makes it worse.


Used to happen to me as a kid when I'd watch scary movies. Haven't done it in a while though.


Yep I had this a few weeks back, i could bearly open my eyes, like i had been drugged, and couldn't move. Was scarey as hell so i just dozed back off and woke up about 12hrs later. In total i slept about 23hrs that day straight through!

Im guessing it was my body's way of making me catchup with a ton of missed sleep, going to the casino and party continuosly for about 3weeks finally got to me.


From what I remember reading on the subject. Your brain has a chemical it releases when you sleep to block motor function while dreaming. Sometimes, it screws up and it can go both ways. People that move/walk in their sleep and sometimes where it can remain blocked when you wake up.

It really scared the crap out of me as a kid. I'd see demons and have floating sensations and stuff. But it was seldom enough it wasn't a serious issue. It really isn't a big deal unless it causes sleeping issues.