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temporal nutrition

Ok guys I seem to be suffering form a classic case of information overload. I have read the temporal nutrition I and II over and over again. From what I gather it says that morning carbs are highly advantageous. He goes so far as to say that carbs at breakfast are a ?necessity!? he also says that high fatty meals for breakfast are bad because high levels of FFA in the blood stream seems to ?retard glucose tolerance,? later in the day.
I train around noon each day. I eat 2 p+f meals in the morning, train and then have my pw shake. I thought the consensus was to eat only p+f pre workout, if fat loss is your goal? Therefore that is what ive been doing. Now temporal nutrition tells me I need carbs in the morning, and I should avoid fats. Also, how long after my pw meal do I need to wait until I go back to p+f without risking adding FFA to the blood stream while insulin level is still high? Am I missing something here, or mis-interpreting what I read? Wtf is going on? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, information overload! Please help. Thanks.

Well, did you ever consider training in the afternoon instead? That way you can eat P+C in the morning comfortably. Personally, my strength levels seem to be highest in mid-afternoon.

i.e. assuming you could work out at, say, 5pm, you could then consume a P+F meal at 3pm, and a P+C post-workout shake at 6(?)pm. It would be simpler to disregard the time of consumtion of the p-w shake then fret over it.

…Alternatively, you could work out before breakfast… That way, you work out ASAP after you wake up and eat a P-W shake as soon as you finish working out as “breakfast”. Personally, my strength levels are low in the morning (they say that you want to wait at least 2h after awakening before working out). But this strategy still works if you’re doing cardio.

You should consider using method 1. on days when you’re doing strength training, and using method 2. on days when you’re doing cardio for optimal performance in the gym.

Just experiment and find out what works out best for you. Maybe 3 weeks of both approaches.

Well, i dont think you should go as far as changing your scedule around.
And anyway, people are diffrent, i feel ready to go in the morning…

But after reading temporal nutrition numorous times i fell into the same panic. I posted almost the same as you.
On days when i was training at 11:20, i had a p+c, then a p+f then trained. Instead of my 2 p+f’s i had been doing.
However most of my workouts are going to come 1 meal after waking so its gonna stay with the P+F. I like training in the morning. I’m also attempting to get my carb meals done as early as possible.