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Temporal Nutrition Q's

OK, so I just got done re-reading LL’s Temporal Nutrition articles. Naturally being a true ectomorph I have had success keeping carbs high as I metabolize them rather well. All things considered, I tend to get fat if I eat a high fat diet. With that in mind I usually use 4PC meals and 2PF meals per day during maintenance diet phases. I am currently in the midst of a slightly sub-caloric cutting phase. I have been using 3PC meals and 3PF meals per day with good sucess. I do only one energy systems session per week. 45 minutes on an inclined treadmill at 3mph (low-intensity). I always do this after breakfast. I’ve been eating a PF meal at breakfast (on this day only) in hopes of priming my body for the fat-loss workout, while saving the PC meals for afterwards.
However, LL states that while this may be true doing so may screw up glucose tollerance for the rest of the day. So my question is this: Do the benifits of priming my system for fat-loss by eating a PF breakfast outweigh any negative effects it may have on glucose tollerance for the rest of the day, remember, my next three meals (post workout) are PC.

Thanks in advance fellow T-Freaks.

I’m in a similar postion. LL said something the other day about eating too much dietary fat at breakfast can also lead to more fat storage than might be expected. Combined to the glucose tolerance thing I’m making every breakfast a P+C at the moment. I’ll let you know if all these carbs are making me fat in a few weeks lol! Anybody else got any thoughts?

Even though we’re heading into one of the worst political elections in our history I find it simply awsome that we are able to spend our time worying(sp) about the macronutrient contents of our breakfasts!!

Anyways, What time of day do you train and what type of training do you do Breakdown? I only do energy systems work a couple months out of the year, and then only once per week. I loose too much muscle if go any more and I’ve found that I loose too much if I do a typical “cardio” type of sesion where caloric expenditure is the goal. This is why I shoot for a specific fat-burn type of training (low intensity). So thats my reasoning for eating a PF meal beforehand. I think that I may just move my energy systems session toward the evening were I’m eating PF meals anyhow in order to keep the CHO in the A.M. were it belongs.

Everyone else, please feel free to voice your opinions!

I train 2 hours after my breakfast using CW’s TBT. I’m in University term times at the moment so I’m spending a lot of time cycling and I have an active job in the evenings. I think that if I did any extra cardio on top of this I would be heading towards the marathon runner physique!

I’m trying to gain at the moment so I’m definitely going to stick to a P+C meal for breakfast and try and squeeze my fats in later on in the day before work. I need to eat carbs before bed due to my working late nights.