Got a question about tempo in 5X5 strength training ie:what might be optimal. Secondly I’ve been toying with finding a few splits that would be effective so that I can keep agonists/antagonists together while optimizing leg work-outs…say in the gym 4 or 5 times a week, any takers, you’re help is appreciaited

Try King’s splits, 1)Squat dominated; 2)Vertical Push/Pull; 3)Deadlift dominated; 4)Horizontal Push/Pull. Unless you have a specific agenda, the optimal progression would be a hypertrophy phase followed by a strength phase. You could manipulate tempo in the hypertrophy phase by using a 311, 401, 411, 402 or the like. Then move to strength with a 201, 211, or 10X(X means that the bar moves fast, such as in Westside’s dynamic bench, but this would be more of a speed-strength phase). Anyway, does that help? Hope so.