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Could someone please link me to an article describing “tempo” in weightlifting. Thank you.

Most programs designed by T-Nation or other strength authors will include tempos. You’ll need to read several (or more) programs, learn about the nuances of each tempo, then either follow the plan or design one yourself that incorporates all your own personalized features. There are resons and situations that may dictate certain tempo protocols within a specific program. Not really trying to give you a non answer, but unless you have a specific situation and you wanted to discuss ?why this? or ?why that? it is a very open ended question with a broad spectrum answer. Hope I can help you down the line

Are you talking about the tempo numbers? XOX, or XOXO?

I don’t know if there is a specific place to find that, but if you search for “Ripped, Rugged and Dense” it has the tempo parameters explained in it. I only know this because I was reading this article just the other day.

For a lot of the articles on here, tempo is written in the format of 321 or 402 or 50x as examples. The first number is the number of seconds that you lower the weight, the second number is how long you hold the weight at its lowest point, and the third number is the number of seconds the “lift” should take. An “x” means to use explosive force and lift the weight as quickly as possible with good form.

52x would therefore mean lower the weight over 5 seconds, pause at the bottom for 2 seconds, and then explode up.

Hope this helps.


Heres one…I could have sworn there was another one on this site but I cant find it yet.

Thanks guys, i understand now