tempo vs. weight

hello all.i am in the middle of ian kings “white men can jump” routine and would like to know if the tempo during squats is asmportant as the weight.in a nut shell,the routine tells you to do squats at a 301* tempo.i feel that i have to drop the weight considerablly in order to meet that tempo.should i cheat a bit on the tempo in return for heavier weight or keep the weight low enough so i can do all reps at the correct tempo?i have no problem with the descent but the quick up is a killer.the other point i should make is that i am use to doing a wide stance low bar squat on and off a box.ian’s routine has me doing a medium bar height with a shoulder width stance…very unusaul for me!ok,any thoughts are appreciated.

Ian likes to cover all of the variables. One of them being tempo. The tempo is used for many reasons. If the program is going to work for you, you need to work for it. Follow it to the letter for optimal results. Drop the weight if you have to. Your strength will come back. I have had to do this with several of his routines but all are still extremely challenging even with a “lower weight”. Do it and do it right. Good luck !

Hey bro… I’ve fallen into this trap before, but i’ve learned that the tempos are there for a reason. If you mess with the tempo, invariably you’ll end up doing the same weight and reps at the same speed as you always do. Using the tempos correclty is a great way to vary things up and will offer benefits if you stick with it. Good Luck.

the tempo is there for a pupose and you your self are noticing a diffrence. You will imporve greatly. The speed concentric will increase your power output while your 3 second negative will add some good lean mass as well as endurance strength. keeping strict form and protocol is difficult but needed. laters pk

Ditto on the above responses. The tempo is king. This is really true for the pause at the ‘bottom’ of the lift. No pause lets you use the elasticity of the muscle/tendons and ligaments to get you going in the other direction. A second pause removes this chain and puts the muscle under more stress…the infamous TUT…as the others said, keep to the tempo schema, you’ll appreciate it later…

ok,i got my answers.thanx for all the help!