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Tempo Question for OVT


I did my first day of your Ovt program of chest and back and want to make sure I have the tempo counts at the right time. On the first set it's bench supersetted with flys. 201 for bench so 2 down 0 change 1 up. Then flys are 602 so do 6 down 0 change 2 up. Then when doing the back portion (pull downs, one arm rowing) 201 pull downs as 1 down 0 change 2 up then on rows do 2 up 0 change and 6 down to start position. That's how I'm understanding it from reading your book. thanks in advance for any input.


First number if always the eccentric portion and third number is the concentric (lifting) portion.


That is a VERY old article

  1. It is one of the rare programs I wrote that I would NOT recommend anymore.

  2. I do not believe in counting tempo anymore, it takes too much away from the workout.


Ok. thank you