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Tempo Problems

Does anyone have any good tips for attaining and maintaining tempo throughout a set. I’ve been working out for sometime now and really want to concentrate on improving my timing during my workouts. I often find that I may start a set with good timing, but by the last rep I’ve lost the tempo.

Maybe try some music that has a good beat you can follow in the lifts. What I do is to just lift at a speed that I know I could stop the weight at any point, and there would be no momentum carrying it farther.

use a metronome

Jake…check out this line the Hardgainer crew dropped on me yesterday:

“Many people get themselves so concerned with what is the
“best” rep cadence (and rep range, pace of training, and many
other matters) that they forget that of first importance is good
safe form, hard work and progressive poundages. Even if you
had the “perfect” combination of rep cadence, rep range and
pace of training, if you use sloppy form, do not train hard, and
use stagnant training poundages, you will never build a big and
strong physique”

Basically what it and I are trying to say is don’t get so caught up in the tempo of a lift that you totally ignore form, or worse, don’t provide the optimal stimulus. I’m not saying bounce the weight or flop around like a beached whale…just don’t lose sight of the goal.