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Temple Gym


I got to train there today (cue the 'so what?' comments) flame all you want I was Dorian for the day :wink:

Never mind the goofy pic of me, there were all sorts of medals and Olympiia paraphernalia on the wall, I'm guessing not the real things


jeez would it have killed you to smile?

it looks like you're thinking "I'm at Temple Gym and it sucks!"




Smiling is for weak men.


Haha! I thought the same thing when I saw the pic but there were some meatheads staring at me and I thought what a-rod said lol

Ironically I had a great time, it's a proper spit-and-sawdust-dungeon and surprisingly quiet but it had everything you need, just wish I lived closer


are you a Brummy then? Was Dorian anywhere around?

I love those old school type gyms, but it's rare I get to train in one. A mate of mine trains in a proper underground gym run by massive, roided up gangsters (seriously). Some of the rules are:

-no more than three people training together
-no phones (this is really strictly enforced)
-no women! How hilarious is that?

and you have to be able to bench 100k for reps before they'll even consider letting you join. It's in an industrial estate and you have to kick the big metal door so someone hears you and lets you in, memberships are all paid cash too, obviously. They sell loads of steroids out of the place and it's just assumed that if you train there you're using and will buy all your gear off the guys there.

I'd love to train there but it's miles away and I'm probably not big enough. My mate who trains there is 5'7 and 220lbs, and he says he's one of the smallest guys there.


No I'm in Oxford I was visiting mr bro in law. Didn't see him apart from the many pics of him plastered around the place, apparently he still trains there from time to time though.

Yeah I would love to be a member at a gym like that, there's one not too far from me run by ifbb pro ex-Olympia competitor Mike Sheridan but I've never got round to joining

I thought you were taking me on another 'anti-steroid advert' narrative again there! Sounds like a great place to train, not sure about no women but I would happily adhere to the other two rules


Fucking hell that sounds seriously badass mate haha! Where abouts you from RDS? And you lemon? I'm from wolverhampton (shithole lol), which is very close to birmingham. Might have to pay my respects to Temple at some point... when I'm bigger though :slight_smile: I really should stop lurking so much and put some pics up/history of myself, it's good to see some other people from the UK regularly posting here.


Oh fair play then.


You're near Donnington Bridge? I grew up in Long Hanborough, in Witney on the outside of Oxford. Other side of Kidlington from you I think, what are the best gyms in Oxford now? I've not been there for any significant period of time in years because I live abroad, but I have to come back every now and then for Forces interviews, if you could recommend a couple reasonably local gyms for next time I come over I'd be very grateful.


It's maybe for the best, apparently he can be a bit grumpy when approached. It's fun to go to gyms like that because they have cool stuff like GHRs and reverse hypers which your average commercial gym doesn't have.

Haha I don't have enough creativity to repeat the "anti-steroid advert" thread! I spunked my creative wad all over that and my prolactin's too high to do it again anytime soon.

Yeah the "no women" rule in that gym is pretty hilarious, but weights rooms tend to be a bit of a sausage fest at the best of times so it probably wouldn't make that much difference.


I'm up in Glasgow man, someone should organise a T-Nation UK tour!


Yeah I live a mile or so away, small world eh?! I know Long Hanborough. I've heard the Donnington Bridge rowing club (Mike's Gym) is good but never been, Oxford Brooke's University Gym is ok but quite small there are also David Lloyd, Esporta and LA Fitness gyms not too far from the city centre.

Unfortunately I limit myself to the council run gyms because I work for them and its retardedly cheap (for me anyway, it's like £43/month to paying customers!!!) they're not very well equipped at all but as of now the saving justifies the shoddy equipment. There's only one reasonably priced gym around here that I can think of and that's DW Fitness next to the Kassam Stadium, I think it's about £25/month




Yeah I never expected to run into anyone on these forums quite so close to home, maybe I'll join in on some of the meet-ups if I ever get housing near Oxford again, and I'm not stupidly weak. Yeah I've heard from a few people that Mike's a pretty nice guy to be around, great atmosphere over there, such and such.

My rich cousin goes to Brookes, and my poor cousin lives in a trailer with a motocross track just next to it, maybe if I have a jaunt over there I'll see them both and get back on the track, sounds like a pretty good option. There's an LA Fitness? I've been out of the city centre for so long that I wasn't even aware they'd made it across the pond.

Hell I know the feeling, my gym is 300 euros (£260 give or take) for a six month membership, and only a little less with discounts. It's also incredibly small and bare, but at this stage I get by.

I might try that gym near the Kassam stadium, if I head back I should be staying in Hagbourne by Didcot, so it doesn't sound like too much of a trip to get there.

Thank you for that lot Lemony, I'll surely keep it in the vault for when I need it.


Lol you think Wolvo is bad? I'm originally from Wednesbury........